Chris Abrahams



Piano                    1985    9

LP   AUS   Hot HTLP 1014
     UK    Hot/Making Waves HTLP 1014

Walk                     1987

LP   AUS   Hot HTLP 1025
     UK    Hot/Carter HOT 1025 (issued 1986?)

Glow                     2001

CD   AUS   Vegetable/Vitamin VEGE001

with Melanie Oxley:
Resisting Calm           1990

EP   AUS   Spiral Scratch

Welcome To Violet        1992

CD   AUS   Remote/MDS

Coal                     1994

CD   AUS   Remote/MDS

Jerusalem Bay            1998


Contribution to album

with Melanie Oxley:
Triple J Live At The Wireless   1991
Where Joy Kills Sorrow          1997


The Benders

Session musician

Dominic Reichel      lp    S.A.T.L.                     1983
Laughing Clowns      lp    Law Of Nature                1984
The Triffids         lp    Born Sandy Devotional        1986
Soundtrack           lp    Illusion                     1986
Ed Kuepper           lp    Rooms Of The Magnificent     1987
Soundtrack                 Dancing Daze                 1986
Lime Spiders         lp    The Cave Comes Alive         1987
Penguins on Safari   mlp   Normal Soon                  1989
Stephen Cummings     cd    Good Humour                  1990
Clouds               cd    Penny Century                1991
Ed Kuepper           cd    Honey Steel's Gold           1992
Stephen Cummings     cd    Unguided Tour                1992
Skunkhour            cd    Skunkhour                    1993
Wendy Matthews       cd    The Witness Tree             1994
Stephen Cummings     cd    Falling Swinger              1994
The Apartments       cd    A Life Full 0f Farewells     1995
The Apartments       cd    Fête Foraine                 1996
Neil Murray          cd    Dust                         1996
Ghostwriters         cd    Second Skin                  1996
Stephen Cummings     cd    Escapist                     1996
The Church           cd    Magician Among The Spirits   1996
The Whitlams         cd    Eternal Nightcap             1997
Karma County         cd    Olana                        1998
Silverchair          cd    Neon Ballroom                1999
Matt Walker          cd    Soul Witness                 2000
Midnight Oil         cd    The Real Thing               2000
Suzy Flowers         cd    Hex                          2000
Wendy Matthews       cd    Beautiful View               2001
Jimmy Little         cd    Resonate                     2001
The Whitlams         cd    Torch The Moon (bonus)       2002


The Laughing Clowns -1983
The Benders 1983-1985 Dale Barlow, Jason Morphett, Lloyd Swanton, Louis Burdett
The Sparklers 1985-1987
Wrong Kind Of Stoneage
Peter Blakeley and The Resurrection 1986-1987
The Necks 1987-present
Jackie Orszaczky and The Godmothers 1990
Stephen Cummings and Lovetown 1990
Stephen Cummings Band 1991
Mephisto Waltz 1991 Ed Kuepper, Mark Dawson
The Godmothers 1992
Midnight Oil tour 1993,2000
The Hunting Party 1996
Gondwana 1997-1998

Sources of information: Lovetown (Stephen Cummings), Hot Records
© Magnus Holmgren
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