Absent Friends

Sydney 1989-1990



Here's Looking Up Your Address   1990   15   Produced by Garry Beers, Sean Kelly, John Mackay and The Big Sync Productions

CD        AUS   rooArt 842 828-2
          GER   rooArt 842 828-2

LP        AUS   rooArt 842 828-1
          GER   rooArt 842 828-1

MC        AUS   rooArt 842 828-4
          GER   rooArt 842 828-4

Networking Live                  1990    6

Mini-LP   AUS   rooArt


Ainslie Nicole (k,bv) 1989 April Fish
Beers Garry (b) 1989-1990 INXS, Jack Jones Band, Good Vibrations (session)
Duffield Andrew (k) 1989 Bohdan and The Instigators, Whirlywirld, Models
Francois Ron (b) 1990 The Sinceros (UK), Lene Lovich Band (UK), The Teardrop Explodes (UK), Eurogliders, The Panic Poets, Raging Waters, Slaughterhouse 5, Non Stop, Wendy Matthews Band, James Reyne, Peter Blakeley Band
Kelly Sean (v,g,k) 1989-1990
King Michael (g,bv) 1989-1990 Jimmy Barnes Band, Wendy Matthews Band
Mackay John (d,perc,p) 1989-1990 Castles In Spain, The Sea Monsters, Machinations, Richard Clapton Band, Beatfish
Matthews Wendy (v) 1989-1990
Stapleton Geoff (k) 1990
Valentine James (sax,clarinet) 1989 The Models, The Gubbs

Sources of information: Ron Francois
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