Sydney 1980-1985,1985-1987



She Made A Monkey Out Of Me   1981    2

Single   AUS   Green

You Shouldn't Stay Out Late   1982    2

Single   AUS   Green

D-D-D-Dance                   1983   ??   Produced by Martin Armiger

LP       AUS   Powderworks/RCA

Screaming Dreaming            1984    2

Single   AUS

I Saw You First               1984    2

Single   AUS

All That Easy                 1987    2   Produced by Martin Plaza

Single   AUS   Mushroom

The Very Best Of



Allen Michael (k) 1986-1987 ---
Andronos Perry (b) 1983-1985 ---
Ayers Ted (sax) 1980-1985 Castles In Spain, Club Ska
Betts David (d) 1980-1983 The Igniters
Bolke Peter (b) 1985-1986 Windjammer, Reuben Tice, The Honeydrippers, Redgum, Misfits, Crackajacks, Dancehall Racketeers, Hurricane Hearne and The Howling Tornadoes
Conway Julie (v) 1983-1985,1985-1987 ---
Crysell Stuart (g) 1980-1985 The Clits, London Noise, The Bedhogs, The Igniters, Castles In Spain, Club Ska, Tuff Gong
Duncomb Troy (b) 1986-1987 ---
Fabok Martin (g) 1980-1985,1985-1986 The Igniters
Franke Ralph (sax) 1985-1987 Rhythm Willie, Vitamin Z, Strange Tenants, Invisible Mendez, Fat Time, The Headhunters
Fuccilli Mark (sax) 1985-1986 Big 5, Chinless Elite
Hill-Travis Peter (v) 1980-1985,1985-1987 ---
Hood Graham (b) 1980-1983 The Johnnys, The Beasts of Bourbon, Some Kind of Justice
Knapman Simon (d) 1986-1987 Iced Vo Vo, Kam Sha, Sly-Tone
Lennon Dave (d) 1983-1985 The Jumpers, Strange Tenants, The Igniters, Club Ska
Luke Stephan (tromb) 1983-1985,1985-1986 ---
Marnie Mickey (g) 1986-1987 Belly Dance Disco, Treble Clefs, SS Flash
Pandit Dale (d) 1985-1986 Mustard Club, Leftovers, Outline
Pattinson Brett (v,perc) 1980-1985,1985-1987 ---
Tanner Mark (g) 1985-1986 ---
Taylor Mark (k) 1980-1985 The Igniters, Castles In Spain, Club Ska

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