Angry Anderson



Beats From A Single Drum   1986   10   Produced by Kevin Beamish

CD   AUS   Mushroom MUSH32011.2

LP   UK    Food For Thought/Pinnacle GRUB 11 (issued 1989)

Blood From Stone           1990   10   Produced by Michael Slamer

CD   AUS   Mushroom D30252
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32010.2
     FRA   Music For Nations CDMFN 121 (issued 1991)

MC   AUS   Mushroom

Pete Wells, Angry Anderson and The Damn Fine Band:
Damn Fine Band             2001


Session musician

Lobby Loyde           lp    Live With Dubs        1979
Incredible Penguins   12"   Incredible Penguins   1985
Djaambi               s     Small Talk            1991


Buster Brown 1973-1975
Rose Tattoo 1976-1987
Southern Electric 1979 Gavin Carroll, John Dey, Andrew Fordham, Lobby Loyde, Gil Matthews, John Miglans, Mandu
Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome 1985 (motion picture)
The Party Boys 1986
Rasputin 1987 (stage play)
Australian Olympians 1988
Wild Colonial Boys 1988 Kevin Bennett, Mick Cocks, Marc Hunter, Ian Lees, Kirk Lorange, Alan Mansfield, Mark Meyer, Sharon O'Neill
Jesus Christ Superstar 1992 (stageplay) Kate Ceberano, John Farnham, Jon Stevens, Russell Morris, John Waters
Rose Tattoo 1992-1993
Double Trouble 1993 John Brewster, Steve Crofts, Peter Heckenberg, Alan Lancaster
Rose Tattoo 1998-present
The Party Boys 1998-1999

Members (Angry Anderson Band/Angry)

Barth Bobby (g) 1990
Brewster John (g) 1993 Moonshine Jug and String Band, The Keystone Angels, The Angels, The Party Boys, The Bombers, The Fallen Angels, Wayne Jury, Double Trouble
Crofts Steve (b) 1993 Bandog, The Mystery Band, Topaz, Fandango, The Puppy Bashers, The Honeymoon, Black Cat Moan, The Bombers, Double Trouble
Heckenberg Peter (d) 1993 Bandog, Topaz, The Mystery Band, Fandango, The Puppy Bashers, The Honeymoon, The Temple Gods, Boss, Swanee, B.B. Steal, The Bombers, Chris Turner Band, Black Cat Moan, Double Trouble
Hilbun Jim (b) 1990 The Angels, Richard Clapton Band, Gank, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, The Fallen Angels, Divinyls
Lancaster Alan (b) 1993
Powles Tim (d) 1990
Riley Rob (g) 1990 Mother Goose, Lois Lane, Red House, Hurricane, Dallimore, Kevin Borich Express, Rose Tattoo, The Beast, Party Boys, Reckless Intent, Jimmy Barnes Band, Mega Boys, Rob Riley and The Rubettes, The Gems, Stallion, Mother's Little Helpers, The Best, Mama's Darlins, Sons Of Steel

Sources of information: REMEDY - The Rose Tattoo Home Page, Angry Anderson - Bound For Glory
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