Christine Anu



Monkey And The Turtle         1994

CD-Single   AUS   White

Stylin' Up                    1995   13   Produced by David Bridie

CD          AUS   White MUSH32059

Come My Way                   2000   13   Produced by Stuart Crichton

CD          AUS

45 Degrees                    2003

CD          AUS

Acoustically                  2005   14

CD            AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0832

with Paul Kelly:
Last Train                    1993    3   Produced by Angelique Cooper and Peter Crosbie

CD-Single   AUS   White D11565

with Royce Doherty and David Hobson:
Now Until The Break Of Day   1997

CD-Single   AUS

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1995             1995
Triple J Live                            1996
The Spirit of Christmas 1996             1996
A Midsummer Night's Dream (soundtrack)   1997
Something For Everybody                  199?
The Spirit of Christmas 1998             1998
Music, Live From The Panel               1999
Rove Live - ...Some Music                2001
The Spirit of Christmas 2001             2001
The Women At The Well                    2002

Session musician

Deborah Conway   cd   Bitch Epic                   1993
Neil Murray      cd   These Hands                  1993
Neil Murray      cd   Dust                         1996
Julie Anthony    cd   Never Stop Believing         1999
The Wiggles      cd   It's A Wiggly Wiggly World   2000


The Aboriginal and Islander Dance Theatre
Bangarra Dance Company
Neil Murray and The Rainmakers 1992
Bad Boy Johnny (stage-play) 1994
Christine Anu Band 1995
Little Shop Of Horrors (stage-play) 1997
Singers For The Red Black And Gold 1997
Rent (stage-play) 1998-1999 Annie Crummer
Moulin Rouge (movie) 2001

Members (Christine Anu Band)

Bridie David (k) 1995
Cummings Leroy (g) 1995
Hadley Stephen (b) 1995
Lee Michelle (bv) 1995
Luscombe Peter (d) 1995
Spring Anita (bv) 1995

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