The Apartments

Brisbane/UK 1978,1979-1981,1984-present



Return Of The Hypnotist    1979    3

Single   AUS   Able Label

The Evening Visits...      1984

CD       AUS   Hot Records (issued 1997)
         FRA   New Rose 422496 (issued 1994)

LP       AUS
         UK    Rough Trade ROUGH88 (issued 1985)

The Shyest Time            1988    2

Single   UK    Glass GLASS 055

Maxi     UK    Glass GLASS 12055 (1 extra track)

Drift                      1992   10

CD       AUS   Torn & Frayed torn cd 3
         FRA   New Rose 422470

A Life Full Of Farewells   1995    9   Produced by Paul McKercher

CD       AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1050

Fête Foraine               1996    9

CD       AUS   Hot Records MAIL 3 (limited edition)

Apart                      1997   11   Produced by Stephen Philip

CD       AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1063 (digipak, limited numbered edition of 3000)
         AUS   Hot Records CDHOT 1063


Milton Walsh Peter (v,g) 1978,1979-1981,1984-present The Go-Betweens, Out Of Nowhere, Colors (USA), The Laughing Clowns

Atkinson Greg (g) 1993 42nd Street, Ups and Downs, Big Heavy Stuff, The Snow Leopards, Piggy In The Middle
Beavis Graeme (g) 1984 The Phantom Agents, The Fun Things, Swedish Rhythm Kings, The Uptown Movers, The Plug Uglies
Borkowski Joe (b) 1984-1985 The Poles, Out Of Nowhere, Carnival Of Souls
Carrick Bruce (d) 1984 Uptown Movers, Swedish Rhythm Kings
Couvret Michael (b) 1989/1990 The Celibate Rifles, Mushroom Planet, Erogenous Tones, Playful Kittens, Lime Spiders, Ed Kuepper Band, Damien Lovelock's Wigworld, The Aints, Steve Lucas and A.R.M.
Dawson Mark (d,perc) 1989/1990-1995 The Aints, Curious (Yellow), The Blackeyed Susans, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Fish Eliot (b,bv) 1995 The Templebears, Car Chase
Kuepper Ed (g) 1989/1990
Martin Peter (d) 1978,1979
O'Connor Michael (g,v) 1978,1979
Whitby Peter (b,v) 1978,1979
Willsteed John (b) 1993 Zip, Xero, Catchcry, The Go-Betweens, The Plug Uglies, Paradise Vendors, The Drunk,The Monk and The Spunk

Sources of information: The Official Apartments Home Page, Ron Decker
© Magnus Holmgren
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