Tina Arena



Turn Up The Beat              1985    2   Produced by Brian Cadd

Single      AUS

I Need Your Body              1988    2   Produced by Doug Brady and Ross Inglis

Single      AUS   Avenue
            SWE   Bozz BOS 1050

Strong As Steel               1990   11   Produced by Doug Brady and Ross Inglis

CD          AUS   Avenue/EMI (2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Avenue

Don't Ask                     1994   10   Produced by David Tyson

CD          AUS   Columbia
            AUT   Columbia COL 477886 2 (issued 1995, different cover?)
            UK    Columbia 477886 2 (issued 1995, different cover?)
            USA   Columbia (issued 1996, 1 bonus track; "Show Me Heaven", different cover)

Show Me Heaven                199?    3

CD-Single   AUT   Columbia

Strong As Steel               1996   10   Produced by Ross Inglis, Doug Brady, Tina Arena, Steve Werfel and Pam Reswick

CD          AUS   Standard/Sony

In Deep                       1997   12   Produced by Mick Jones, David Tyson, Walter Afanasieff and Jim Steinman

CD          AUS   Columbia
            AUS   Columbia (with bonus disc, issued 1998)
            AUT   Columbia COL 493334.6 (15 tracks, issued 1999)
            UK    Columbia (issued 1998)
            USA   Columbia (issued 1998)

Souvenirs                     2000   13

CD          AUS

Just Me                       2001   11   Produced by Nile Rodgers, Peter-John Vetesse, Paul Manners and Lukas Burton

CD          AUS

with John Bowles:
Tiny Tina and Little Johnny   198?

LP          AUS

Contribution to album

The Spirit of Christmas 1994        1994
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge   2000
The Spirit of Christmas 2000        2000
The Dish (Soundtrack)               200?

Session musician

Rick Price   cd   Heaven Knows         1992
Rick Price   cd   Tamborine Mountain   1995


Young Talent Time (TV show) 1977-1983,1986
Nine (stage show) 1987
Network 1988- Ross Inglis, Dave Carter, Greg Hind, Robbie Little, Kevin Murphy
Dynamite (stage show) 1989
Rick Price tour 1992
Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (stage show) 1993

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