Michael Armiger


Session musician

Cleopatra Wong   cdep   Egg   1992


The Immigrants 1978-1980 Andy Armiger, Keith Armiger, Rod Greig, Andy Thomas, Kym Webster
Paul Kelly Band 1983-1984
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls 1985
10000 Guitars
John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong 1987-1988
The Johnnys 1988-1989,1991
The Go-Betweens 1989
Snakey Blake's Bon Ton Experience 1990 Ron Blake, Peter Doyle, Robert Mass, Robbie Souter
Sean Kelly and The Iron Dukes 1990
Mary-Jo Starr and The Drive-in Motel 1990 Maurice Frawley, Alistair Jones, Robert Souter, Xanthe
Cleopatra Wong 1992
Roadhead 199?
Atlas Strings 1992-1997

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