Ray Arnott



Rude Dudes    1979   ??   Produced by Les Karski

LP   AUS   Albert/EMI APLP.039

as R.A.G:
Rock n Roll   1985

LP   AUS   Albert/EMI

Session musician

Frieze             lp   1972 B.C.                   1972
Rick Springfield   lp   Mission Magic!              1974
Graham Lowndes     lp   Mouth Music                 1975
Dutch Tilders      lp   Working Man                 1977
John Paul Young    lp   Heaven Sent                 1979
Jimmy Barnes       lp   Bodyswerve                  1984
Jimmy Barnes       lp   For The Working Class Man   1985


South Town Moods 1964 Tony Buettel, Craig Porter, Glen Wheatley
The Chelsea Set 1966-1967 Bill Hillman, Mick Naylor, Ray Petrie
The Browns 1969-1971 Chris McClure, Ronnie Peel, Les Stacpool
Cam-pact 1970 Bill Blisset, Cliff Edwards, Russell Smith
Company Caine 1970 Eric Cairns, Cliff Edward, Eli Klamm, Jeremy Noone, Tim Partridge, Gulliver Smith, Russell Smith, Tom Watts
Genesis 1970 Yuk Harrison, Tim Piper, Laurie Pryor, Les Stacpoole, Reno Tahei, Matt Taylor
Spectrum 1970- John Mills, Lee Neale, Bill Putt, Mike Rudd
Mighty Kong 1973
The Dingoes 1974-1976
One Night Stand 1977?
Metropolis 1977 Marnie Sheehan, Shirley Smith, Gulliver Smith
Ray Arnott Band 1978-1980
Willie Winter Band 1980 Barry McCulloch, Ian Winter, John Stockdill, Kerry Jacobsen, Alan Sandow, Steve Maughan
Flash and The Pan 1980,1982
Cheetah 1981
John Paul Young and The All Stars 1981-
Chris Turner Band
Cold Chisel 1983-1984
Jimmy Barnes Band 1984,1985
R.A.G. (Ray Arnott Group) 1985-

Members (Ray Arnott Band/Ray Arnott and The Rude Dudes)

Arnott Ray (v) 1978-1980
Diamond Joey (?) 1979 ---
Follington Ace (d) 1979 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Move, R.J. Taylor, Savage Rose Blues Band, Powderhorn, The Cleves, Country Radio, Richard Clapton Band, Australia, Lindsay Bjerre Band, Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces, Reg Ryan's Brothers, Chris Turner Band, All Star Band, Tin Soldiers, Hippos, Hawaiian Houserockers, Bondi Cigars
Jensen Neil (g) 1980 Head, Ray Brown and The Whispers, The Rockets, Moose Malone and The Country Cassanovas, Ross Ryan Band, Ray Arnott's Rude Dudes, The Ray Arnott Group, The Intruders, Wendy Saddington Band, Jeff Duff
Karski Les (b) 1979
McCulloch Barry (b) 1980-1981 Willy Winter Band, The Murrumbidgee Orchestra
Morgan Warren (p) 1979 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Gerry and The Joy Band, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Pilgrimage, Morgan and Matthews, Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Flash and The Pan, John Paul Young's Allstars
Peel Ronnie (b) 1979
Tate Harry (?) 1979 ---
Winter Ian (g) 1979-1980 The Brothers Grimm, The Five Just Men, Kite, Pigface, Carson, Daddy Cool, Willy Winter Band, De Castro, Foreday Riders, Blackfeather, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Kevin McLaughlin and The Murrimbidgee, Mondo Rock

Sources of information: AC/DC Electric Shock, Barry McCulloch, Neil Jensen
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