Augie March

Melbourne 1996-present



Thanks For The Memes    1998    5   Produced by Victor Van Vugt

CD-EP     AUS   rA (digipak)

Waltz                   1999    5   Produced by Richard Pleasance

Mini-CD   AUS   rA

Sunset Studies          2000   15   Produced by Augie March, Paul McKercher and Richard Pleasance

CD        AUS   rA 74321787962

Strange Bird            2002   14   Produced by Paul McKercher and Chris Thompson

CD        AUS   rA 74321968652 (limited edition with cardboard cover)
          AUS   rA 74321968622

Moo, You Bloody Choir   2006   14

CD        AUS

Contribution to album

Corroboration                2001
The Power And The Passion    2001
Standing On The Outside      2007
Cannot Buy My Soul           2007
Write Your Adventures Down   2007


Ammendola Edmond (b) 1996-present Deborah Conway and City Of Women
Box Kiernan (k,acc,harm) 2001-present costar, The Blackeyed Susans
Dawson Bobby (k) 2000-2001 died 2001.
Donovan Adam (g) 1996-present
Richards Glenn (v) 1996-present
Williams Dave (d) 1996-present Deborah Conway and City Of Women

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