Australian Crawl

Melbourne 1978-1986



The Boys Light Up                  1980   12   Produced by David Briggs

CD          AUS   EMI

LP          AUS   EMI EMX102
            AUS   EMI EMC170 (re-issue)

Sirocco                            1981   11   Produced by Peter Dawkins

CD          AUS   EMI

LP          AUS   EMI EMX108
            AUS   EMI EMC183 (re-issue)

Sons Of Beaches                    1982   12   Produced by Mike Chapman

CD          AUS   EMI 831 980 2

LP          AUS   EMI
            HOL   EMI 064-83324

MC          HOL   EMI 264-83324

Phalanx                            1983   10   Produced by Simon Binks and Ross Cockle

CD          AUS   EMI 8297592
            AUS   ?

LP          AUS   EMI P-4000

MC          AUS

Semantics                          1984    4   Produced by Mark Opitz

CD-EP       AUS   EMI 8147262 (issued 1996)

EP          AUS

Semantics                          1984   10   Produced by Mark Opitz

LP          HOL   Geffen GEF 25934
            USA   Geffen GHS 4028

Crawl File (Their Greatest Hits)   1984   14

CD          AUS   EMI CD430022 (issued 1985)
            AUS   EMI 7964542 (re-issue 1994)

LP          AUS   EMI EMC245

MC          AUS   EMI

Santa Claus Is Back In Town        1984    2

Single      AUS

Between a Rock and a Hard Place    1985   11   Produced by Adam Kidron

CD          AUS   (issued 1997)

LP          AUS   Freestyle SFL1-0134

The Final Wave                     1986   14   Produced by John French

CD          AUS   (issued 1997)

LP          AUS   Freestyle SFL1-0142

The Boys Light Up/Sirocco          1996   23

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 8147402 (limited edition)

Lost and Found                     1996   13   Produced by Bill McDonough and Peter Blyton

CD          AUS   Global Records GRCD 0001

More Wharf - Greatest Hits         1998   17

CD          AUS   EMI 72434 97327 28

Australian Crawl and James Reyne:
Reckless 1979-1995                 2000   19

CD          AUS   EMI
            EUR   EMI

The Definitive Collection          2002   36

Double-CD   AUS   EMI

Contribution to album

Rocking Australia Live   1982


Binks Simon (g) 1978-1986 Spiff Rouch, Clutch Cargo, Broderick Smith Band
Brus Harry (b) 1985-1986 The Amazons, Dave Miller Set, Little Sammy and The In People, Copperwine, Birth, Hunger, Blackfeather, Mother Earth, The Bobby Gebert Trio, Kevin Borich Express, Fender Benders, Foreday Riders, Renee Geyer Band, Duffhead, The Healers, Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues Band, Russell Morris Band, Jimmy Barnes Band
Greig Mark (g) 1985-1986
McDonough Bill (d) 1978-1983 Spiff Rouch, The Flatheads, Loose Trousers, Yo Rinnie
McDonough Guy (v,g) 1980-1984
Reyne David (d) 1978 Clutch Cargo, Beats Working, Brave Men, Cats Under Pressure, Chantoozies
Reyne James (v,g,k) 1978-1986
Robinson Brad (g,k) 1978-1986 Clutch Cargo, When In Rome. died 1996
Watson John (d) 1983-1986
Williams Paul (b) 1978-1984 Terra Australis, Spiff Rouch, Clutch Cargo, Giant Steps, Broderick Smith Band, The Strangeloves, The Shivers

Sources of information: Stefan Warnqvist, Oliver Draper, Bill McDonough
© Magnus Holmgren
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