Australian Olympians




You're Not Alone   1988   2   Produced by Mark Moffatt

Single   AUS   CBS 651556 7


Anderson Angry 
Hirst Rob 
Logan Mal 
Lynch Bernie 
Schumann John 

Artists and Musicians

Anthony Julie 
Azzopardi Mary 
Bonkowski Basia 
Belton Ian 
Braithwaite Daryl 
Brooks Neil 
Ceberano Kate 
Coleman Jonathan 
Emmanuel Tommy 
English Jon 
Fabulous Singletts 
Fields Paul 
Geyer Renee 
Horrocks Michael 
Knight Grace 
Mannix Brian 
May Norman 
Minshill Keren 
McNally Sam 
Meyer Mark 
Moffatt Mark 
Price Rick 
Rogerson Ian 
Sorrenti Vince 
Wilkins Richard 
Wilson Ross 

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