Melbourne 1969-1971



Fool's Gold                              1970   13   Produced by Axiom

LP   AUS   EMI PCSO.7561

If Only...                               1971   ??   Produced by Shel Talmy and Glyn Johns

LP   AUS   Warner

Beginnings (Before Little River Band)    1978

LP   USA   Capitol SN-11993 (issued 1979) (6/11 tracks)

Glenn Shorrock: The First Twenty Years   1985   34

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 7 46306 8 (5/34 tracks)

Double-LP   AUS   EMI

The Axiom Archives 1969-1971             2004   24

CD          AUS   Raven Records RVCD-137


Cadd Brian (org) 1969-1971
Lavery Doug (d) 1969 The Question, Andy James Asylum, The Valentines, Running Jumping Standing Still, Doug Parkinson in Focus
Lebler Don (d) 1969-1971 The Avengers, Mixtures, Bentley's Boogie Band
Mudie Don (b) 1969-1971 Sherwood Green, The Groop, Ceduna, The Blue Echos
Shorrock Glenn (v) 1969-1971
Stockley Chris (g) 1969-1971

Sources of information: Seventies Downunder Volume 1 booklet, Stefan Warnqvist
© Magnus Holmgren
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