Baby Animals

Sydney 1989-1994



Baby Animals           1991   11   Produced by Mike Chapman

CD      AUS   Imago 21002-2

Shaved and Dangerous   1993   11   Produced by Ed Stasium and Nuno Bettencourt

CD      AUS
        UK    Imago 727878 21019 2

Il Grande Silenzio     2008   11

CD      AUS   Liberation

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 2   1992


Celenza Frank (d) 1989-1994 The Boys, Boyschool, Bamboo Curtain, DD and The Rockmen
DeMarchi Suze (v,g) 1989-1994
Leslie Dave (g,bv) 1989-1994 Swingshift, Jimmy Barnes Band, Atomica
Parise Eddie (b,bv) 1989-1994 King Cobra, The Bel Aires, The Boys, Bamboo Curtain, Hip Hop, Vdelli

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