The Badloves

Melbourne 1990-1996,2000-present



Get On Board            1993   10   Produced by The Badloves and Doug Roberts

CD      AUS   Mushroom D24025 (D30976)
        AUS   Mushroom TVD93402 (RMD53402) (re-issue 1994, with 8-track bonus disc)
        AUS   Mushroom (Mushroom Classics, re-issue 1995)
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH32368.2 (re-issue)
        GER   Mushroom 74321 19227 2 (added "The Weight")

Holy Roadside           1995   10   Produced by The Badloves and Doug Roberts

CD      AUS   Mushroom TVD93427 (RMD53427)
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH32369.2 (re-issue)
        GER   Mushroom 74321 27726 2 (issued 1996)

LP      AUS   Mushroom (limited edition of 1000 copies)

Live In Amsterdam       1995

CD      AUS   Mushroom (limited edition bonus disc that came with "Holy Roadside" at Brash's stores)

Everybody Everywhere    1997   12

CD      AUS   Mushroom D26206
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH80060.2 (double-pack with "Holy Roadside" video)
        AUS   Mushroom MUSH26300.2 (re-issue)

The Mushroom Tapes      2000   17

CD      AUS   Mushroom MUSH33292.2

14                      2002    7   Produced by The Badloves and Doug Roberts


Definitive Collection   2004   17

CD      AUS   Festival

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless 3      1993
Triple M Cordless                    1993
Earth Music                          1994
The Spirit of Christmas 1996         1996
Mushroom 25 Live                     1998
A Night Out - Live At The Basement   2001

Session musicians

Jimmy Barnes   cd   Flesh and Wood   1993


Favaro John (b,bv) 1994-1996,2000-present All Talk, The Fabs, Seperate Tables, Girl Overboard, Broderick Smith Band, Schizophrenics, The Masters Apprentices, Kutcha Edwards and Band
Featherstone Tony (org,p) 1991-1996 John Justin and Thunderwings, Diamond Dogs, The Slow Club, Pseudo Echo
Housden John (g,bv) 1990-1996,2000-present The Hound Dogs, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Black 'n' Blonde, The Whitlams
O'Prey Stephen (b,bv) 1990-1994 Joyce Brothers, The Hound Dogs, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Scarecrow, Weddings Parties Anything, The Black Sorrows
Spiby John (k,sax) 1990-1991
Spiby Michael (v,g) 1990-1996,2000-present
Tabone Chris (d,perc) 1990-1996,2000-present FX, Major Minor, Stealers, Mick Pealing and The Method, Crown Of Thorns, Kutcha Edwards and Band

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