Chris Bailey



Casablanca                    1983   12   Produced by Chris Bailey

LP   FRA   New Rose ROSE 20

What We Did On Our Holidays   1984   11   Produced by Chris Bailey

CD   FRA   New Rose (8 bonus tracks taken from "Casablanca")

LP   FRA   New Rose ROSE 30

Demons                        1990   11   Produced by Jim Gaines and Chris Bailey

CD   AUS   Mushroom D 30510
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32055.2
     FRA   New Rose ROSE 253CD
     SWE   Mushroom D 30510 (different cover, no lyrics)

LP   AUS   Mushroom L 30510
     FRA   New Rose ROSE 253
     SWE   Mushroom L 30510 (different cover, no lyrics)

Savage Entertainment          1992   11   Produced by Chris Bailey

CD   AUS   Mushroom
     AUS   Mushroom MUSH32053.2
     FRA   New Rose rosecd 297

MC   AUS   Mushroom
     FRA   New Rose ROSE 297

54 Days At Sea                1994   11   Produced by Chris Bailey and Martin Hennel

CD   AUS   Mushroom
     GER   Mushroom 74321 19716 2 (different cover)

Encore                        1995   20   Produced by Chris Bailey

CD   FRA   Last Call 422009

DM Blues                      2005   41

CD   FRA   Last Call ("What We Did On Our Holidays", "Savage Entertainment" and the EP "Do They Come From You")

Chris Bailey and The General Dog:
Bone Box                         2005   15

CD   AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0742

The Saints and Chris Bailey:
Rarities                      1999   18

CD   HOL   Firewood Records 1298

Contribution to album

Used And Recommended By...    1987
Triple M Cordless             1993
Earth Music                   1994
Mushroom 25 Live              1998


Saints                         lp   Eternally Yours                      1978
Saints                         lp   Prehistoric Sounds                   1978
Saints                         lp   Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow   1980
Saints                         lp   The Monkey Puzzle                    1981
Saints                         lp   A Little Madness To Be Free          1984
Volcanoes                      s    Hustlers                             1986
Nick Barker and The Reptiles   s    Another Me                           1988
Saints                         lp   Prodigal Son                         1988
Saints                         lp   The Bootleg Album                    1990
Saints                         cd   Everybody Knows The Monkey           1998
Saints                         cd   Spit The Blues Out                   2000

Session musician

Jenny Morris                  lp   Shiver                  1989
Nathan Cavaleri               cd   Jammin' With The Cats   1993
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds   cd   Nocturama               2003


Kid Galahad and The Eternals 1973
The Saints 1973-1978,1979-1982,1984-1988,1996-present
Al and The Gators 1989 Sandy Chick, Alistair Jones, Mick King
Chris Bailey Combo 1990 Dror Erez, Paul Hester, Tony Norris, Nick Seymour, Chris Wilson
Chris Bailey and The General Dog 1992 Spencer P. Jones, Arch Larizza, Ian Sheddon

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