James Baker



James Baker Experience:
I Can't Control Myself   1985    2   Produced by Mark Callaghan

Single   AUS   Red Eye RED 1


Slick City Boys 1974-1975
Beheaded 1976-1977 Ross Bunkel, Rudolph V, Lloyd
The Geeks 1977 Ross Bunkel, Rudolph V, Lloyd
The Victims 1977-1978
The Scientists 1978-1981,1995
Hoodoo Gurus 1981-1984
The Beasts of Bourbon 1983-1985,1988-1990
James Baker Experience 1985-1986
Eternal Teenagers 1986 Mick Duncan, Steve Lorkin, Jim Lowie, Dave Slade
Legendary Stardust Cowboys 1986 Spencer Jones, Lachlan McLeod, Tex Perkins
The Adorable Ones 1987 Rod Radalj, Boris Sudjovic, Peter Simpson
The Dubrovniks 1988-
Novakill 199?-present

Members (James Baker Experience)

Baker James (d,v) 1985-1986
Radalj Rod (g,v) 1985-1986
Simpson Peter (g,v) 1985-1986 Teeny Weenies, Super K, Go Kids, Spectres Revenge, Hoi Polloi, The Adorable Ones, The Dubrovniks
Sudjovic Boris (b,v) 1985-1986 The Exterminators, The Invaders, The Rockets, The Scientists, The Beasts of Bourbon, The Adorable Ones, The Dubrovniks

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