Band Of Light

Sydney/Melbourne 1972-1974



Total Union     1973

LP       AUS   WEA

Moonstruck      1973    2

Single   AUS   WEA

Band Of Light   197?    4

EP       AUS   WEA

The Archer      1974

LP       AUS   WEA


Buettel Tony (d) 1972-1974 South Town Moods, Bay City Union, Levi Smith's Clefs, Fraternity, Band of Talabene
Davidson Dannie (d) 1974 The Four Strangers, The Strangers, The Sunsets, Tamam Shud, Khavas Jute, Sky Pilot, Huntress, Steve Russell Blues Band, Peter Wells Showband
Hansen Eddie (g) 1974 Blues Revival, Revival, Challenge, Ticket, Rock Squad, Sky Pilot, Living Force, Spyz
Key Phil (v,g) 1972- The Mergers, La De Das, died 1984.
Rilen Ian (b) 1972-1974
Roberts Peter (b) 1972 Freshwater, Kahvas Jute, La de Das, Band of Talabene, Flake, Chariot, Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces, The Romantics, Audio Smash
Roue Norm (sl g) 1972-1974 Gutbucket, Lotus, Wolfe, Buffalo, Blue Aliens
Vanderby Ray (k) 1974 Doug Parkinson Band, Blackfeather, Eros, Jukes, Silent Movies, 98 Degrees, 93-D, 503
Williams Bill (b) 1974 Space Farm, Ticket, Sky Pilot, Monsoon

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