Michael Barclay


Session musician

Paul Kelly                  lp   Post                 1985
The Zimmermen               lp   River Of Corn        1986
Weddings Parties Anything   lp   Scorn Of The Women   1987
Greg Williams               cd   Here And Now         1990
Weddings Parties Anything   cd   Difficult Loves      1992
Grant McLennan              cd   Fireboy              1993
Paul Kelly                  cd   Stolen Apples        2007


Japanese Comix 1979-1980 Shane Day, Maurice Frawley, James Williams, Chris Jobson, Greg Simpkins
A Howling Life 1980 Shane Day, Maurice Frawley, Bill Tulloch, James Williams
The Little Murders 1982
The Runners 1983-1984
The Zimmermen 1983-1984
Paul Kelly Band 1984
Hoi Polloi 1985 (temp)
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls 1985-1988,1989-1991
Da Brudders 198? Richard Burgman, Steve Connolly, Bruce McDonald, Tony Robertson
The Joeys 1987 Richard Burgman, Steve Connolly, Phil Hall, Bruce McDonald, Tony Robertson
The Rock Party 1986
Grant McLennan Trio 1991
James Griffin and The Subterraneans
Whippersnappers 1992 (temp)
The Victory Girls 1992- Terry Bartholomew, Rob Craw, Adam Duncan, Pat Quinn, Phil Wales
Weddings Parties Anything 1993-1998
Cyndi Boste Band
Michael Thomas and The Sure Thing 1999-

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