Michael Barker


Session musician

Greg Williams              cd   Here And Now                   1990
Various                    cd   The Spirit of Christmas 1993   1993
Deborah Conway             cd   Epic Theatre                   1994
The Black Sorrows          cd   Beat Club                      1998
Neil Finn                  cd   Try Whistling This             1998
In Deep                    cd   Footsteps                      1999
David Bridie               cd   Act of Free Choice             2000
The Eddie Rayner Project   cd   Play It Straight               2002
Alex Lloyd                 cd   Distant Light                  2003
Kasey Chambers             cd   Carnival                       2006


Daryl Braithwaite Band
The Makers 1990-1993
Yo Yo 1990 James Black, Chris Bekker, Gavin Cornish, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Duncan Sykes, David Williamson
The Black Sorrows 1991-1993
My Friend The Chocolate Cake 1994-1995
Neil Finn Band
Vika and Linda Band

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