Nick Barker



Nick Barker and The Reptiles:
Another Me                    1988    2   Produced by Chris Bailey

Single   AUS   White K689

Goin' To Pieces               1989   11   Produced by Jim Faraci, Mark Moffatt and Chris Bailey

CD       AUS   White D30097
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32256.2

LP       AUS   White L30097

After The Show                1991   13   Produced by Joe Hardy

CD       AUS   White D30513
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32257.2

Loose                         1992

CD-EP    AUS   White

Happy Man                     1994   13   Produced by Richard Pleasance

CD       AUS   Mushroom D31226
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32021.2

Nick Barker:
Damn Mermaids!                1996   11   Produced by Nick Barker and Kalju Tonuma

CD       AUS   White D31592
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32255.2

Annie Get Your Guru           1999   10   Produced by Nick Barker, Laurence Maddy and Michael Thomas

CD       AUS   Air 5

Returned Service: Solo Live   2001

CD       AUS   Croxton CROXT008

Sanctuary - Best Of           2002   18

CD       BRA   Tronador Music TMSS21

Backyard Six                  2003   10

CD       AUS   Croxton/MGM CROXT017

C-Sides                       2005   14   Produced by Shane O'Mara

CD       AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0772

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless   1991
Triple M Cordless               1993
Mushroom 25 Live                1998

with Michael Thomas:
I'm In Love...With That Song    1999

with Lisa McCune:
The Spirit of Christmas 1999    1999


Lisa McCune and Nick Barker   track   Nothing But A Child   1999

Session musician

Hugo Race and The True Spirit    lp   Rue Morgue Blues     1988
Lubricated Goat                  lp   Paddock of Love      1988
Jon Stevens                      cd   Are U Satisfied      1993
Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing   cd   Dead Set Certainty   2000


The Curse 1980-1981,1982-1983 Adrian Chynoweth, Nique Needles, John Rowell, Graeme Scott
A Singing Dog 1982
Reptiles Smile 1984/1985 Nick Cross, Adrian Chynoweth, Rick Hawkins, Tony Hawkins
The Wreckery 1985-1988 Robin Casinader, Edward Clayton-Jones, Brian Colechin, John Murphy, Ted O'Biegly, Hugo Race, Charles Todd
Freak Power 1986/1987 Adrian Chynoweth, Nique Needles, Graeme Scott
Hugo Race and The True Spirit 1988-1989
Mark Seymour and The Daydreamers 1988-1989 Doug Falconer, Mark Seymour, Jeremy Smith
Nick Barker and The Reptiles 1988-1992
Barker 1994
Nick Barker Band? 1996

Members (Nick Barker and The Reptiles)

Barker Nick (v,g) 1988-1992
Basford Drew (b) 1988-1990 The Senate, Haz Chem
Chynoweth Adrian (g) 1988-1992 Crashing Planes, The Curse, The Senate, Reptiles Smile, Honeymoon In Green, The Dirty Strangers, Freak Power
Harris Chris (harm,bv) 1988-1992 The Relics
Heydon Matt (k) 1989-1992 Ton Up Pirates, Charles Marshall and The Body Electric, The Dirty Strangers, Jimmy Barnes Band
Pinder Dave (d,bv) 1988-1992 The Senate
Scully Marc (b) 1990-1992 Love Rodeo, Mx Warheads, The Deadly Hume, Ratcat

Members (Nick Barker Band?)

Barker Nick (v,g) 1994
Henwood Tim (g,bv) 1994 Jen Anderson Band, Supermann, Plasticine, The Superjesus, The Androids
Heydon Matt (k) 1994 Ton Up Pirates, Charles Marshall and The Body Electric, The Dirty Strangers, Jimmy Barnes Band
Ragg Anthony James (b) 1994
Venom (d) 1994

Members (Nick Barker Band?)

Jones Lincoln (b) 1996
Whitelock Craig (d) 1996 Those Nervous Gentlemen

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