Jimmy Barnes



Bodyswerve                  1984   11   Produced by Mark Opitz and Jimmy Barnes

CD            AUS   Mushroom CD 53138
              AUS   Mushroom D 19553 (Mushroom Midprice Masters)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32155.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0082 (re-issue 2003)

LP            AUS   Mushroom RML 53138 (some copies came with bonus live 7" single "Resurrection Shuffle/Daylight")
              AUS   Mushroom L 19553 (reissue)

MC            AUS   Mushroom RMC 53138
              AUS   Mushroom C 19553 (reissue)

For The Working Class Man   1985   12   Produced by Gary Gersh, Chas Sandford, Mark Opitz, Jonathan Cain and Jimmy Barnes

CD            AUS   Mushroom CD 53196/7
              AUS   Mushroom TVD 91015 (RMD 51015) (Mushroom Classics, issued 1995)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32157.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0092 (re-issue 2003)

Double-LP     AUS   Mushroom RML 53196/7
              AUS   Mushroom L 51003/4

MC            AUS   Mushroom RMC 53196/7
              AUS   Mushroom RMC 51003/4

Jimmy Barnes                1986   11   Produced by Gary Gersh, Chas Sandford, Mark Opitz, Jonathan Cain and Jimmy Barnes

LP            CAN   Geffen
              GER   Geffen 924 089-1
              JAP   Warner Pioneer P-13254
              USA   Geffen GHS M5G 24089

MC            GER   Geffen 924 089-4
              USA   Geffen

For The Working Class Man   1987    5

LP            GER   Geffen 924 138-1

Freight Train Heart         1987   10   Produced by Jonathan Cain, Mark Opitz, Desmond Child and Mike Stone

CD            AUS   Mushroom CD 53238
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32161.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0102 (re-issue 2003)
              GER   Geffen 924 146-2 (issued 1988)
              JAP   Warner Pioneer 25XD1079
              USA   Geffen GED 24146

LP            AUS   Mushroom RML 53238
              CAN   Geffen
              GER   Geffen 924 146-1 (issued 1988)
              JAP   Geffen P-8656
              USA   Geffen GHS 24146

MC            AUS   Mushroom RMC 53238
              GER   Geffen 924 146-4 (issued 1988)
              USA   Geffen

Barnestorming               1988   16

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 98001/2
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32156.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0112 (re-issue 2003)
              GER   Mushroom 74321 20832 2
              UK    Mushroom D 245212

Double-LP     AUS   Mushroom TVL 98001/2

MC            AUS   Mushroom TVC 98001/2

Two Fires                   1990   11   Produced by Don Gehman

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 93318 (RMD 53318)
              AUS   Mushroom TVD 91016 (RMD 51016) (Mushroom Classics, issued 1995)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32158.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0122 (re-issue 2003)
              GER   Atlantic 7567-82141-2
              GER   Mushroom 74321-20831-2 (re-issue)
              JAP   Atlantic AMCY I88
              UK    Atlantic 7567-82141-2
              USA   Atlantic 7 82141-2

LP            AUS   Mushroom TVL 93318 (RML 53318)
              CAN   Geffen
              GER   Atlantic 7567-82141-1 (10 tracks)
              UK    Atlantic 7567-82141-1 (10 tracks)
              USA   Atlantic 7 82141-1 (10 tracks)

MC            AUS   Mushroom TVC 93318 (RMC 53318)
              GER   Atlantic 7567-82141-4

Soul Deep                   1991   12   Produced by Don Gehman

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 93344 (RMD 53344)
              AUS   Mushroom TVD 93344 (RMD 53344) (limited edition Digipak with 5 live-tracks)
              AUS   Mushroom TVD 93344 (RMD 53344) (limited edition Digipak with 5 live-tracks, came in black case)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32162.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0132 (re-issue 2004, 5 extra tracks)
              GER   Mushroom
              UK    Mushroom TVD 93344 (RMD 53344)

LP            AUS   Mushroom TVL 93344 (RML 53344)

MC            AUS   Mushroom TVC 93344 (RMC 53344)
              AUS   Mushroom TVC 93344 (RMC 53344) (limited edition with 5 live-tracks)

Heat                        1993   16   Produced by Don Gehman

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 93372 (RMD 53372) (red case)
              AUS   Mushroom TVD 93372 (RMD 53372) (12 tracks)
              AUS   Mushroom (Mushroom Classics, issued 1997)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32159.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0152 (re-issue 2003)
              GER   Mushroom
              GER   Mushroom 74321-17765-2 (12 tracks)
              GER   Mushroom 74321-19071-2 (12 tracks, bonus 10 tracks introduction to Jimmy Barnes disc)
              JAP   BMG BVCP 719 (12 tracks)
              UK    Mushroom TVD 93372 (RMD 53372) (12 tracks)

LP            UK    Mushroom TVL 93372 (RML 53372) (12 tracks)

MC            AUS   Mushroom HOT 1 TVC 93372 (RMC 53372) (red case)
              UK    Mushroom TVC 93372 (RMC 53372) (12 tracks)

Flesh And Wood              1993   15   Produced by Don Gehman

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 93390 (RMD 53390)
              AUS   Mushroom (Mushroom Classics, issued 1997)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32160.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0142 (re-issue 2003)
              UK    Mushroom TVD 93390 (RMD 53390)

MC            AUS   Mushroom TVC 93390 (RMC 53390)
              UK    Mushroom

Flesh And Wood/Heat         1993   31

Double-CD     GER   Mushroom 74321-18856-2
              UK    Mushroom D 45045

MC            UK    Mushroom C 45045

Psyclone                    1995   13   Produced by Joe Hardy and Jimmy Barnes

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 93433 (RMD 53433) (some copies came with bonus CD)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32163.2
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0162 (re-issue 2003)
              GER   Mushroom 74321-27620-2
              UK    Mushroom

MC            AUS   Mushroom TVC 93433 (RMC 53433)

A Week Away From Paradise   1996   ??

CD            GER   Geffen GED 24559

Barnes Hits                 1996

CD            AUS   Mushroom TVD 93465 (RMD 53465) (first 350000 copies came with 17 tracks bonus rarities-disc)
              AUS   Mushroom MUSH32164.2 (re-issue 1999, including bonus disc)
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0172 (re-issue 2003)
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0175 (re-issue 2003, including bonus disc)
              UK    Mushroom TVD 93645 (RMD 53645) (issued 1997, entitled "The Best Of")

MC            AUS   Mushroom TVC 93465 (RMD 53465)

Never Give You Up           1997    4   Produced by Charles Fisher and Jimmy Barnes

CD-Single     AUS   Mushroom D12166 (foldout digipak)

Love And Fear               1999   12   Produced by Mark Opitz, Jon Farriss and Jimmy Barnes

CD            AUS   Mushroom MUSH332602
              AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0182 (re-issue 2003)

Soul Deeper                 2000   12   Produced by Don Gehman

CD            AUS   WEA 8573856432 (first copies with 5-track bonus disc)

Raw                         2001   14   Produced by Drew Thompson and Ernie Rose

CD            AUS

Double Jeopardy             2001   24

CD            EUR

Live At The Chapel          2002   14   Produced by Drew Thompson

CD            AUS   TMM TMM0020

Soul Deeper - Live          2004   24

CD            AUS   Liberation LIBCD60912

Ride The Night Away - Live  2004   26

Double-CD     UK    Pinnacle T2CD0102

The Soul Sessions

CD/DVD-BOX    AUS   Liberation

Double Happiness            2005   17

CD            AUS   Liberation LIBCD71522 (limited edition with bonus 8-track disc)
              AUS   Liberation LIBCD71525 (limited edition with bonus 8-track disc + DVD)

Out In The Blue             2007   12   Produced by Nash Chambers

CD            AUS
              AUS   (limited edition with bonus disc)

with INXS:
Good Times                  1986    2   Produced by Mark Opitz

Single        AUS   WEA K-202
              UK    WEA A 7751
              USA   WEA 7-89237

Maxi-Single   AUS   WEA
              UK    WEA A 7751 (T)

MC-Single     UK    WEA

with Tina Turner:
Simply The Best             1992   ??   Produced by Dan Hartman and Chris Lord-Alge

CD-Single     AUS   Mushroom D11189

with The Pilgrims:
Come Undone                 1996    4   Produced by Jimmy Barnes and The Pilgrims

CD-Single     HOL   BMG 74321 348721 2

with Gary Pinto:
Higher                      2002    4

CD-Single     AUS   ICURE/MGM GFA001

Contribution to album

The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert   1980
Triple M Cordless                    1993
The Spirit of Christmas 1993         1993
Earth Music                          1994
Smokey Dawson                        1995
The Spirit of Christmas 1995         1995
Good Vibrations                      1998
Mushroom 25 Live                     1998
The Spirit of Christmas 1998         1998
Music, Live From The Panel           1999
Andrew Denton's Musical Challenge    2000
Rock The Millennium                  2000
A Night Out - Live At The Basement   2001
Cold - Live At The Chapel Vol. 3     2002


Swanee   1985
Swanee   1989

Session musician

Ray Arnott                      lp    Rude Dudes                           1979
Swanee                          lp    Into The Night                       1980
Richard Clapton                 lp    The Great Escape                     1982
Richard Clapton                 lp    Glory Road                           1987
Richard Clapton                 lp    The Best Years Of Our Lives          1989
Vika and Linda                  cd    Princess Tabu                        1996
Dreamtime Christmas All-Stars   cds   Twelve Days Of Christmas             2004


Tarkus 1972-1973 Mark Lacey, Michael Smith
Orange 1973 Ian Moss, Don Walker, Steve Prestwich, Leszek Kaczmarek
Cold Chisel 1973-1975,1976-1977,1977-1983
Mount Lofty Rangers 1974
Fraternity 1975-1976
Feather 1977
Cold Chisel 1997-1999,2003
Living Loud 2003-

Members (Jimmy Barnes Band)

Amato Dave (g) 1985,1987-1988 Ted Nugent
Arnott Ray (d) 1984,1985
Bailey Chris (b) 1987-1988 Red Angel Panic, Headband, Mount Lofty Rangers, Salvation Air Force, The Angels, Gotham City, PM, Invisible Men, Wendy Saddington Band, The Famous Nobodies, Rat Tat Tat, GANGgajang, The Stetsons, Duffhead, The Fallen Angels, Dave Steel Band
Barnes Linda (bv) 1985 Linda Barnes Band, Stevie Wright Band, Swanee
Bidstrup Buzz (d) 1991
Borich Kevin (g) 1990
Brock Tony (d) 1987-1990,1992,1994 The Babys (USA), Rod Stewart Band, Strider (UK), Spontaneous Combustion (UK)
Brus Harry (b,bv) 2001 The Amazons, Dave Miller Set, Little Sammy and The In People, Copperwine, Birth, Hunger, Blackfeather, Mother Earth, The Bobby Gebert Trio, Kevin Borich Express, Fender Benders, Foreday Riders, Australian Crawl, Renee Geyer Band, Duffhead, The Healers, Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues Band, Russell Morris Band
Burchall Angus (d) 1993
Burton Paul (g) 2001 The Proteens, Skunks, The Good Bad and The Ugly, Motivators, Red Not Blue, Bad Boy Johnny and The Prophets of Doom, Mark Williams Band, Jenny Morris Band, Margaret Urlich Band
Carranza Claude (g) ???? Kids In The Kitchen, Dorothy Moore Band, Sammy Gaha Band, The Motive (USA), Carl Stewart (USA), The Imports, Un Tabu, King Cobra, Rocky Horror Show tour, Gotta Whole Lotta Flair, Jabulani, Jive Dive Band, The Kolors, Bakes Potato, Desert Fox, Ian Moss Band, The Revelators, Kylie Minogue band, Joe Camilleri band, Bigfoot
Davies Guy (g,k) 1994-1995 ---
Diesel Johnny (g) 1987-1989,1991-1992
Eastick Mal (g) 1984,1988
Edmonds Steve (g) 1998-1999,2001 ---
Harwood Debbie (bv) 1990-1991 Margaret Urlich Band
Hegerty Michael (b) 1988-1995,1998-1999 Stars, Richard Clapton Band, The Loose String Band, Hot Band, Max Merritt and The Meteors, Sharon O'Neill Band
Heydon Matt (k) 1993 Nick Barker and The Reptiles, Ton Up Pirates, Charles Marshall and The Body Electric, The Dirty Strangers
Hines Deni (bv) 1990-1991
Howe Bruce (b) 1984,1985 The Clefs, Levi Smith's Clefs, Fraternity, Mount Lofty Rangers, Some Dream, Mickey Finn, Mega Boys, Dalai Lama
Hunt Lisa (bv) 1993-1994 ---
Hurley Amando (bv, perc) 1995 Across Time, Vitabeats, Duke Of Earl, Amando Hurley and Raging Waters
Jenkins Pixie (fiddle) 19?? Bullamakanka, John Williamson, The Stetsons
Jensen Shauna (bv) 1985 Locals, Mal Eastick Band, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Renee Geyer Band, Rick Price Band
Kekel Peter (k) 1985-1994 Swanee, Big Rock Band, Fabulous Zarsoff Brothers, Beast, The Tom Cats, Richard Clapton Band, died 2001.
Kennedy Mark (d) 2001 Spectrum, Doug Parkinson In Focus, Ayers Rock, Locals, The Blazing Salads
King Mick (g) 1989 Absent Friends, Wendy Matthews Band
Lang Tom (g,k) 1988 ---
Leslie Dave (g) 2000-present Swingshift, Baby Animals, Atomica
Mansfield Alan (k) 1990-1991 Doug Parkinson Band, Dragon, My Old School, Wild Colonial Boys
Martin Neil (d) 1994-1995 ---
McKinney Maggie (bv) 1985 City Strutt, Hot City Bump Band, Maggie McKinney Band, Stevie Wright Band
Neill Jeff (g) 1986,1988-1995 Streetheart
O'Neill Sharon (bv) 1991 Chapta, Wellington Shiner, Sharon O'Neill Band, Wild Colonial Boys, Good Vibrations (track)
Reyes Walfredo (d) 1988 ---
Riley Rob (g) 1985 Mother Goose, Lois Lane, Red House, Hurricane, Dallimore, Kevin Borich Express, Rose Tattoo, The Beast, Party Boys, Reckless Intent, Mega Boys, Rob Riley and The Rubettes, The Gems, Stallion, Mother's Little Helpers, The Best, Mama's Darlins, Sons Of Steel, Angry Anderson Band
Sexton Charlie (g) 1989 ---
Sharpe Todd (g) 1990 ---
Sherrit John (d) 1998-present Innocent Bystanders, The Kind, Close Action, Johnny Diesel and The Injectors, The Fingerprints
Small Phil (b) 2000-present Cold Chisel, Pound, Earls of Duke, The Outsiders, Hot Ice
Stockley Chris (g) 1984
Wilson Jamie (g) 1992 tour Hot Cargo, Richard Clapton Band

Sources of information: Philip Shoppee, Euro Barnestormers Discography, Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, Peer Meyer, Michael Lawrence: Showtime - The Cold Chisel Story, The Official Jimmy Barnes Website
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