Ed Bates



Sally Dastey   cd   Secrets To Keep   2002

Session musician

The Black Sorrows                cd   Beat Club          1998
Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing   cd   Dust On My Shoes   2001
The Revelators                   cd   The Revelators     2002
The Black Sorrows                cd   One Mo' Time       2004


Pelaco Brothers 1974-1975 Joe Camilleri, Stephen Cummings, Peter Lillee, Peter Martin, Johnny Topper, Henry Vyhnal, Carl Wolfe, Chris Worrall
The Sports 1976-1978
The Pearls
The Rockabilly Rebels
The Gentlemen 1980-1981 Greg Cook, Wayne Duncan, Mick Holden, Andrew Pendlebury, Freddie Strauks, Dell
Other Band
The Possum Hunters
Tanya-Lee Tones
Crummy Cowboys
Rick O'Shea's Flaming Stars 1989 Rick O'Shea, James Black, Howard Cairns, JJ Hackett, Lonnie Romero
Brent Parlane Band
Truckasaurus 1993-
Sally Dastey and The Sweet Sceptics 2002

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