Billy Baxter



It's Too Late To Turn Back Now   1987

Single   AUS   Spirit

Holler                           1991   ??   Produced by Wayne Connolly

CD       AUS   Au Go Go

Speed Hump Thump                 199?   10   Produced by Andrew Lethborg and Cory Messenger

CD       AUS   Choc Chip/MDS CC/002

with John Kennedy:
To Love Somebody                 1988    2

Single   AUS   Mighty Boy MB 20137

Contribution to album

To Hal And Bacharach   1998


The Wet Ones     ep     Premoistened World   1986
Pale Blue Eyes   cdep   Rainy Day            1992


Yo Rinnie
Ghetto Blaster 1982-1984 Archie Cuthbertson, Kevin Fleming, Don Morrison, Nigel Sweeting
Big Fans of Jesus 1984-1985 Allan Brooker, Kevin Fleming, Steve Watson, Ian Hill
Hollowmen 1986-
Fricken ???? Eva Sommerfeld, Leo Mullins

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