The Beasts of Bourbon

Sydney 1983-1985,1988-1993,1996-1997,2003-



The Axeman's Jazz             1984    9   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 4/843 666-2 (issued 1990)

LP          AUS   Green/Big Time BT 7032
            AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED LP 4 (re-issue 1988, limited edition purple vinyl)
            FRA   (issued 198?, added "Good Times")
            USA   Big Time BTA001 (issued 1985, added "Good Times")

MC          USA   Big Time BTC001 (issued 1985, added "Good Times")

Sour Mash                     1988   13   Produced by Phil Punch and The Beasts Of Bourbon

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 5/843 631-2 (issued 1990, 2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Red Eye RED LP 5 (issued 1989)
            GER   Red Eye/Normal RED LP 5 (issued 1989)

Moanin’ At Midnight           1989    2

Single      GER   Red Eye/Normal

Black Milk                    1990   14

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 12/843 632-2 (2 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED LP 12/843 632-1
            GER   Normal (with free 7")

The Low Road                  1991   10   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 26/511 725-2
            GER   Red Eye/Normal RED CD 26

LP          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED LP 26/511 725-1
            GER   Red Eye/Normal RED LP 26

From The Belly Of The Beast   1993   28

Double-CD   AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD 32/517 501-2
            FRA   Red Eye RED CD 30

Double-LP   FRA   Red Eye/Polydor RED LP 30

Gone                          1997   12   Produced by The Beasts of Bourbon

CD          AUS   Red Eye/Polydor RED CD58/531 580-2
            GER   Normal

LP          GER   Normal

Beyond Good And Evil          1999   20

CD          AUS   Grudge/Red Eye/Universal 547947-2 (559522-2) (5 track live bonus disc)

Low Life                      2005   13

CD          AUS   Spooky SPOOKY017

LP          AUS   (issued 2006)

Little Animals                2007   10

CD          AUS   Alberts 88697092052
            AUS   Alberts 88697098142 (special edition)

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless   1991
Into The Red                    1992


Baker James (d) 1983-1985,1988-1990
Doolan Terry (g) 1983 The Fizztops, Sacred Cowboys, The Gospel According to St Kilda, The Leisure Makers, The Slaughtermen
Ferrie Mark (b) 1983
Freidenfelds Johnny (d) 1983 The Jab, The Models, Sacred Cowboys, The Slaughtermen, Tombstone Hands
Hood Graham (b) 1984-1985 The Johnnys, Allniters, Some Kind of Justice
Hooper Brian (b) 1990-1993,1996-1997,2003-
Jones Spencer (g,bv) 1983-1985,1988-1993,1996-1997,2003-
Owen Charlie (g) 1996-1997,2003-
Perkins Tex (v) 1983-1985,1988-1993,1996-1997,2003-
Ploog Richard (d) 1983 The Name Droppers, The Brats, Exhibit A, The Church, Salamander Jim, Floyd Vincent and The Childbrides, The Wigmen, Deadly Hume, Funkicide, Peter Koppes and The Well
Pola Tony (d) 1990-1993,1996-1997,2003- Gay Marvins, Kim Salmon and The Surrealists, Kim Salmon's Human Jukebox
Rixon Brett (d) 1984 Screaming Fits, Louie Louie, The Scientists
Salmon Kim (g,harm,bv) 1983-1984,1988-1993
Shepherd Brad (g) 1984
Spasm Stu (g) 1984-1985 Biceps Incorporated, Equinox, The Elevators, Exhibit A, Berlin 33, Bad Poets, Singing Dog, Zulu Rattle, Snot Collection, Death in Vegas (UK), Salamander Jim, Stump (UK), Leather Moustache, Chicken Holder, Hot Property, Lubricated Goat, Toilet Duck, Burnhead Orchestra, The Boilers, Commercial Band, Stu Spasm's Bubble Machine
Spencer George (g) 1983 Kaos, Olympic Sideburns, Intoxia
Sujdovic Boris (b) 1983-1984,1988-1990 The Exterminators, The Invaders, The Rockets, The Scientists, James Baker Experience, The Adorable Ones, The Dubrovniks
Thewlis Tony (g) 1984 Helicopters, The Aligators, The Resistants, The Scientists, The Punjabbers, Interstellar Villains

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