Big Pig

Melbourne 1985-



Big Pig            1986   ??   Produced by Etienne Conod and Big Pig

Mini-LP   AUS   White

Bonk               1988   11   Produced by Nick Launay

CD        AUS   White (3 bonus tracks)
          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32024.2
          GER   A&M
          USA   A&M CD 5185/DX 2749

LP        AUS   White RML 5327 (grey vinyl)
          GER   A&M
          USA   A&M

MC        AUS   White (3 bonus tracks)
          GER   A&M

You Lucky People   1990   12   Produced by Hawk Wolinski and Daddy-O

CD        AUS   White

LP        AUS   White L30251

MC        AUS   White


Antoniades Tony (v,harm) 1985-
Baker Neil (d) 1985-
Disbray Nick (v,perc) 1985-
Rosewarne Tim (v,k) 1985- Scratch Record Scratch, Red=Blue=Yellow, Bang, Big Choir, Flares, Crawling Kingsnakes, Chocolate Starfish, 21/20
Scaglione Adrian (d) 1985-
Sherine (v,perc) 1985- Grand Wazoo Band of 1000 Dances, The Editions, Bang, Big Choir, Bob Starkie Shape Up, Gospel Truth, Jo Jo Zep Band, Black Coffee, Dianna Boss and The Extremes, The Rock Party, Mercy Mercy, Sherine, Sherine's X Machine
Witer Oleh (v,d) 1985- Scratch Record Scratch, Bang

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