Beeb Birtles



Driven By Dreams   1999   10   Produced by Bill Cuomo and Beeb Birtles

CD   USA   Sonic Sorbet SS7-0101-2

with Graham Goble:
Last Romance       1980   10   Produced by Beeb Birtles, Graham Goble and Ernie Rose

LP   AUS   Capitol/EMI 1C 064-861 145
     USA   Capitol/EMI ST-12078

Birtles Shorrock Goble:
Full Circle        2003   19

CD   AUS   Universal 9811807
     USA   EMI Capitol

Contribution to album

with Shorrock, Goble:
The Spirit of Christmas 2002   2002


Little River Band              lp   Little River Band               1975
Stars                          s    Quick On The Draw               1976
Stars                          s    Mighty Rock                     1977
Daryl Cotton                   s    Don't Let It Get To You         1978
Daryl Cotton                   s    Glamor Girl                     1979
The Runners                    s    Sure Fire Thing                 1982
Frank Howson                   s    Heart Is A Lonely Hunter        1983
Don McLean                     s    L'Affaire D'Amour               1985
Soundtrack                          From Something Great            1985
Adrian's Wall                  s    Reach Out                       1986
Steve Grace                    lp   Children 0f The Western World   1988
Rebecca Jean                   cd   Refresh My Heart                1991

Session musician

Wickedy Wak    s    Billie's Bikey Boys             1969
Brian Cadd     lp   Parabrahm                       1973
Marcie Jones   lp   That Girl Jones                 1973
Daryl Cotton   lp   Best Seat In The House          1980
Soundtrack          Boulevard Of Broken Dreams      1988
Steve Grace    lp   Children 0f The Western World   1988


Down The Line 1966 Gordon Rawson, Darryl Cotton, John D'Arcy, Teddy Higgins
Strings Unlimited 1966-1967 Darryl Cotton, Teddy Higgins, John D'Arcy
Zoot 1967-1971
Frieze 1971-1972
Mississippi 1973-1974
Little River Band 1975-1983
Birtles Shorrock Goble 2002-present Glenn Shorrock, Graham Goble

Sources of information: Beeb Birtles On The Web, Little River Band Homepage, Ken McCarthy, Stefan Warnqvist
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