Lindsay Bjerre



Stealing The Hours   1977

LP   AUS   Philips/Phonogram

Hard Times           1978

LP   AUS   Philips


The Strangers 1964-1965
The Sunsets 1965-1968
Tamam Shud 1968-1972
Albatross 1972-1973
Lindsay Bjerre Band 1977-
A Portable Beach 1981
Tamam Shud 1993-1995

Members (Lindsay Bjerre Band)

Bjerre Lindsay (v,g) 1977-
Follington Ace (d) 1977 The Beaten Tracks, Chain, Move, R.J. Taylor, Savage Rose Blues Band, Powderhorn, The Cleves, Country Radio, Richard Clapton Band, Australia, Rockwell T. James and The Rhythm Aces, Reg Ryan's Brothers, Ray Arnott Band, Chris Turner Band, All Star Band, Tin Soldiers, Hippos, Hawaiian Houserockers, Bondi Cigars
Hitchcock Phil (b) 1977 Eden, Bootleg, Eight Day Clock, Pirana, Squeeze
Hooke Greg (k) 1978 Respect, Odyssey
Isoardi Steve (k) 1977 ---
Morphett Jason (sax) 1977 Benders, Bedtime Stories, Louis Tillett and His Cast of Aspersions
Radcliffe Paul (g) 1977
Roundtree Wayne (b) 1977 The Starliners, The Boomerangs, The Rogues, The Rockin Rogues, Robbie Peters and The Rogues, The Knack
Taylor Greg (sax) 1977 Blerta, Currents
Wheeler Paul (b) 1978 James Elder, The Gino Affair, The Affair, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Band of Talabene, Mackenzie Theory, Theory, Bootleg Family Band, Phil Manning Band, Savannah Silver Band, Delaney Venn, Neon Hearts

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