The Blackeyed Susans

Perth/Sydney/Melbourne 1989-present



Some Births Are Worse Than Murders   1989    4   Produced by The Blackeyed Susans and James Hewgill

EP      AUS   Waterfront DAMP127

Anchor Me                            1991    4   Produced by Phillip Kakulas and The Blackeyed Suans

EP      AUS   Waterfront

..Depends On What You Mean By Love   1991    4   Produced by David McComb

EP      AUS   Waterfront DAMP165

Welcome Stranger                     1992   15

CD      AUS   Torn & Frayed/Shock TORNCD7

All Souls Alive                      1993   10   Produced by Phil Kakulas

CD      AUS   Torn & Frayed CD5
        EUR   (issued 1994)
        USA   Frontier ADV-31062-2 (issued 1994)

MC      USA   Frontier ADV-31062-4 (issued 1994)

Mouth To Mouth                       1995   11   Produced by Phil Kakulas with Rob Snarski, Victor Van Vugt, Andy Parsons and Tony Cohen

CD      AUS   Hi-Gloss
        USA   American Recordings 9 43077-2 (issued 1996)

Some Night, Somewhere                1996

CD      AUS

Spin The Bottle                      1997   11   Produced by Victor Van Vugt and Phil Kakulas

CD      AUS   Hi-Gloss HIG015

La Mascara EP                        1999    5

CD-EP   AUS   Hi-Gloss

Dedicated To The Ones We Love        2001   16   Produced by Graham Lee and The Blackeyed Susans

CD      AUS   Teardrop/Shock BS693

Shangri-La                           2003   12   Produced by Phil Kakulas, Craig Pilkington and The Blackeyed Susans

CD      AUS   Teardrop/Shock BS694

Contribution to album

Triple J Live At The Wireless       1991
All In The Family                   1994
Right Here                          1996
To Hal And Bacharach                1998
Triple J - Lust For Live            1999
Recovery - Ready For Transmission   1999
Stoneage Cameos                     2005


Akers Will (bv,perc) 1989 The Real Dreamers, The Triffids, The Family, The Holy Rollers, Gary Meadows Syndrome, Charlotte's Web, Self Righteous Brothers, costar
Bolleter Ross (org,p,accordion) 1989
Box Kiernan (p,org,harm) 1994-present costar, Augie March
Casey Martin (b) 1990 The Nobodies, The Triffids, Lawson Square Infirmary, Bottomlessn Schooners of Old, The Bad Seeds, Grinderman
Cruikshank James (org) 1991 The Widdershins, Neil Murray and The Rainmakers, The Cruel Sea, The Cruel Three
Davis Ken (k,p,accordion) 1991 The Jackson Code
Dawson Mark (d,perc) 1991,1995-present The Apartments, The Aints, Curious (Yellow), Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Elliott Jim (d) 1991 Dropbears, Heaven On Earth, Pigs, Sekret Sekret, Spectre's Revenge, Firm Grip, Just a Drummer, Red Ochre, The Cruel Sea, Martha's Vineyard, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Ellis Warren (viol,org,accordion) 1992-1993
Habben Matthew (clarinet,sax) 2001-present
Halstead Mark (mandolin,bv) 199?
Kakulas Phil (b,g,bv,perc) 1989,1991-present The Triffids, Martha's Vineyard, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods
Lee Graham (g,p st,lap-steel,v) 1992-1993
Luscombe Dan (g) 1994-present
MacDonald Alsy (d,perc) 1989-1990 Dalsy, The Triffids, Lawson Square Infirmary
McComb David (v,k,b,g,perc) 1989-1990,1992-1993
Rollinson Timothy (g) 1991 Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods, DIG
Salmon Kim (g,v) 1990
Snarski Rob (v,g,perc) 1989-present
Wemyss Kathy (v,trump) 1991 The Jackson Code, Wet Taxis, Pressed Meat and The Smallgoods, Kings of The World, Chad's Tree
White Jim (d) 1992-1993
Wood Adrian (trump,k) 1990 The Fat

Sources of information: Triffids Discography by Morten Skjefte, Official Blackeyed Susans Homepage
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