Sydney 1970-1978,1983



At The Mountain Of Madness   1971   ??   Produced by John Robinson and Richard Batchens

CD   AUS   Festival D19716 (issued 1991)

LP   AUS   Infinity/Festival L34159

Boppin' The Blues            1972

LP   AUS   Infinity INL 34731

Live At Sunbury              1974

LP   AUS   Infinity

Contribution to album

Sunbury - Highlights of 1973 and 1974   200?


Brossman Lee (b) 1976 Highway, Feather
Brus Harry (b,bv) 1971 The Amazons, Dave Miller Set, Little Sammy and The In People, Copperwine, Birth, Hunger, Mother Earth, The Bobby Gebert Trio, Kevin Borich Express, Fender Benders, Foreday Riders, Australian Crawl, Renee Geyer Band, Duffhead, The Healers, Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues Band, Russell Morris Band, Jimmy Barnes Band
Bullen Rex (k) 197?
Corbet Leith (b) 1970 Dave Miller Set, Arthur and The Argonaughts, Somebody's Image, Captain Australia and Honky Tonk, Heart 'n Soul, Island
Cowell Andy (k) 1983
Fortesque Bob (b) 1970-1971 Downhorne, Ssarb, Lucy Crown, Superman, Rattlesnake, Rudi and The Aardvarks, Armadillo, Full Sail, Shelter, Bitch, Fatty Lumpkin, Levi Smith's Clefs, Droning Furies, True Colours, John Meyer Band, Chain
Fraser Stuart (g) 1976
Fraser Warwick (d) 1976 Uncle Mills, Streetlife, Feather, Smith, The Change, Never Ending, Hoi Polloi, Johnny Kannis Explosion, The Screaming Tribesmen, Klondike and The Kamloops Swing, Flying Tigers, Johnny and The Reactors, Peter Wells Band, Oasis
Gascoigne Terry (d) 1971-1972 Respect, Tin Pan Alley, Kerri Noon, Gutbucket, McPee, Tamerlane, I'Tambu, Ray Burton Band, Who Dat There?
Gordon Phil (d) 1983 Richard Famous
Gray Paul (?) 1972 ---
Johns Neale (v) 1970-1973,1976,1978,1983 Fraternity, Stone Ostrich, Flake, Highway, Fingerprint (UK), Gallin and Johns, Clawed Rains, Music Power
Judge Cleve (b) 1983 Stockade, Chockarock
Kash Alexander (d) 1970-1971 Downhome, David Skews Development, Ssarb, Fatty Lumpkin, Blapz, Rocket 88, Innocent Bystanders, Diddywah Hoodaddys
Lee John (d) 1970/1971 Sayla, Gulliver Smith and The Dead End Kids, The Dingoes, Ariel, Dirty Tricks (UK), Catfish Hodge Band (USA), Root Boy Slim, Blue Healers, Rattling Sabres
McCormeck Mike (d) 1970 The Sect, Dave Miller Set, Odyssey
McDonald Doug (d) 1975 Leo De Castro and The Cahoots, Powerhouse, Mark Gillespie Band, Lucky Dog, Nighthawks, Reggae Jam, The Ryans, Ka Ha, Randy and Jah Roots, Spot The Aussie, Kia Kaha
Murphy Steve (g) 1970-1971 Clyde House, Myriad, Glenrowan, Renee Geyer Band, Mainstreet, Marcia Hines Band, Endeavour, Quill's Folly
Oliver Ray (g) 1978,1983 Humdrums (UK), The Vibrant Souls, Kastle Abbey, The Light, Klub, King Harvest, Friends, One Ton Gypsy, Everton Park, The Ride Band, Glynn Mason's Loose String Band, The Shapes, The Pressure Cookers, Left,Right and Centre, Hotsy Totsy, Music Party, Fraction
Penson Jim (d) 1971-1972 The Seen, Plastic Tears, Maple Lace, Flake, Target, Richard Clapton Band, Chariot, Rockwell T. James, Stockade
Piper Tim (g) 1972/1973 Chants, Chants R'n'B, Bari and The Breakaways (NZ), Electric Heap (NZ), Chain, Wild Cherries, Genesis, Savage Rose, Grindley's Choo Choo, Maximum Load, Hannagan, One Ton Gypsy, Manna, Alta Mira, Blerta, Third Union Band, Ray Burton Band, Doug Parkinson Band, Symphony Loco, Where's Brod, Ruby Tuesday's McJazz, Tinsley's Lounge Lizard, Gravel Rash
Rankin Rick (g) 1978 Sidewinder, Big Choir
Rilen Ian (b) 1975-
Robinson John (g) 1970-1971 Lonely Ones, Monday's Children, Dave Miller Set, Wolfe, Hunger, Duck, Tramp, Currents, E.G.O., Tin Soldier
Rosenberg Jeff (b) 1978 Hot Air Band, The Stockley See Mason Band, Eurogliders, Shots In The Dark, Baby Loves to Cha Cha
Ryland Bill (b) -1975 Space, Lotus, Wolfe, Foreday Riders
Sheehan Greg (d) 1970-1972,1978 Mackenzie Theory, Theory, Starving Dogs, The Bad Companions, Leon Berger Band, Richard Clapton Band, Boy Rocking, Summerhaze, Jackie Orszaczky and The Godmothers, Coolangubra
Smith Phil (d) 197? Blackspur, Highway (NZ), Myriad, Glenrowan, Metropolis, Silver Studs, Carrl Myriad Band, Tourists, Carrl Myriad and Sunset, Casino, Regatta, Lothar and The Giants, Band of The Long White Crowd
Smith Wayne (g) 1976 Bullet, Feather, Stockade
Strangio John (b) 1978 The Broken Things, St James Infirmary, Tintern Abbey, Tamile, Middle Earth, The Dingoes, Chariot, Rockwell T. James, The Deltoids, Swanee
Taylor Bill (g) 1972,1975 Vince Maloney Sect, The Torquays, Chris Hall and The Torquays, Plastic Tears, Purple Vision, Flake, Slave, Full Sail
Treloar Huk (d) 1978 Bleeding Hearts, Cruisers, Hot Club, Sneakers, Paul Kelly and The Dots, Young Homebuyers, The Little Heroes, Living Legends
Tucak John (b) 197? The Clique, Superman, Owl, Likefun
Vanderby Ray (k) 1975-1976 Doug Parkinson Band, Band Of Light, Eros, Jukes, Silent Movies, 98 Degrees, 93-D, 503
Ward Warren (b) 1971-1973,1978 Nutwood Rug, Stonehenge, A Love Supreme, Quill, Flying Circus, Kerri Koon, Stoned Ostrich, Maple Lace, Fatty Lumpkin, Starving Dogs, Flake, Levi Smith's Clefs, Tin Soldier, Macauley's Raiders
Webb Steve (d) 1970 Hammer, Wolfe, Duck, Dave Miller Set, Tramp, King Harvest, Leo De Castro and New King Harvest, Band of Talabene, De Castro, Chariot
Wells Lyndsay (g) 1970-1971,1973 Capitol Showband, Bakery, Fatty Lumpkin, Chain, Healing Force, One Ton Gypsy, King Harvest, Leo De Castro and New King Harvest, Flake, Levi Smith's Clefs, Indian Ocean Band, Lineup, Lyndsay Wells and Feet First, Lyndsay Wells and The Children, The Black Rat Blues Band, The Sneekers
Winter Ian (g) 1975 The Brothers Grimm, The Five Just Men, Kite, Pigface, Carson, Daddy Cool, Willy Winter Band, De Castro, Foreday Riders, John Paul Young and The All Stars, Kevin McLaughlin and The Murrimbidgee, Mondo Rock, Ray Arnott Band
Wyld Paul (p) 1971-1973,1978 Big Apple Union, Starving Wild Dogs, The 69ers, Tin Pan Alley, Kerri Koon, Black Spirit, One Ton Gypsy, Theory
Young Trevor (d) 1972,1978 The Coloured Balls, Buster Brown, Fingerprint, Full Boar, Hoochie Coochie Boys, Dirt, Clawed Rains, The Green Lights
Zytnik Zack (g) 1971 The Four Strangers, The Strangers, The Sunsets, Tamam Shud, Stoned Ostrich, Bootleg

Sources of information: Toby Creswell: Too Much Ain't Enough - The Authorised Jimmy Barnes Biography, AC/DC Electric Shock, Jonathan Sturm, Neale Johns
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