James Black


Contribution to album

with Ross Wilson:
Street Hero   1984


Greg Champion              cd     Greg Champion                   1990
Things of Stone and Wood   cds    The Hopeful                     1991
The Revelators             cd     Amazing Stories                 1991
White Cross                cdep   White Boy                       1991
Moonie Valley Drifters     cd     Juke Joint Johnny               1992
Things of Stone and Wood   cd     The Yearning                    1993
Things of Stone and Wood   cd     Junk Theatre                    1994
Joe Camilleri              cdep   All Saints Hotel                1995
Things of Stone and Wood   cd     The Man With The Perfect Hair   1995
Things of Stone and Wood   cd     Whirligig                       1996
The Black Sorrows          cd     Beat Club                       1998
The Revelators             cd     The Revelators                  2002
Stephen Cummings           cd     Close Ups                       2004

Session musician

Fast Buck                       ep      DWTB                            1980
Stockings                       lp      Red Tango                       1981
Young Homebuyers                lp      Young Homebuyers                1982
The Rocking Emus                lp      The Rocking Emus                1982
Richard Clapton                 lp      Solidarity                      1984
Pat Wilson                      ep      Strong Love                     1984
Sharon O'Neill                  track   Blood Red Roses                 1984
Joe Geia                        lp      Yil Lull                        1988
Sacred Cowboys                  lp      Trouble From Providence         1988
The Black Sorrows               lp      Hold On To me                   1988
Coodabeen Chamions              ca      TDWA                            1989
The Black Sorrows               cd      Harley & Rose                   1990
The Hangovers                   cd      You're Not So Bad Yourself      1990
Archie Roach                    cd      Charcoal Lane                   1990
Dave Steel                      cd      Angels Never Cry                1991
Steve Grace                     cd      Liberty Road                    1992
Mark Gillespie                  cd      Flame                           1992
The Black Sorrows               cd      Better Times                    1992
The Black Sorrows               cd      Lucky Charm                     1994
Things of Stone and Wood        cd      The Man With The Perfect Hair   1995
Joe Camilleri                   track   You Ain't Goin' Nowhere         2000
Ross Wilson                     cd      Country and Wilson              2003
Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier   cd      Summertown                      2004
Stephen Cummings                cd      Close-Ups                       2004


Tymepiece 1976 Glen Bland, Joanne Goodman, Colin McAuley, Alan Oloman, Darcy Rosser, Felix Wilkinson, Brian Williamson
Rum Jungle 1977 Matt Moffitt, Mark McDonald, Joe Sudouskas, Bruce Sandell, Phil Colson
Jim Keays Band 1978
Front Page 1978-1980 Adrian Campbell, Barry Cram, Bruce Haymes, Tony Naylor, Graham Thompson, Tony Thorton, Phil Wood
Russell Morris Band 1979-1980
Mondo Rock 1980-1984
GANGgajang 1984
Men At Work 1985
The Black Sorrows 1985,1994,2004
Moonie Valley Drifters 1988 Tom Forsell, Rob Grenville, Peter Linden, Andrew Lindsay, Paul Pyle
Manic Rockers From Hell 1988 Wayne Burt, Greg Champion, Wayne Duncan, JJ Hackett, Manny Paterakis, Tony Thornton
Rick O'Shea's Flaming Stars 1989 Rick O'Shea, Ed Bates, Howard Cairns, JJ Hackett, Lonnie Romero
The Delta Revelators/The Revelators 1989-present
Yo Yo 1990 Michael Barker, Chris Bekker, Gavin Cornish, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Nichaud Fitzgibbon, Duncan Sykes, David Williamson
Altar of Funk 1991
Sherine's X-Machine 1991 Sherine, Jack Abeyratne, Nikki Bomba, Peter Farnan, Peter Maslen, Anthony Ragg
Mark Gillespie Band 1991 Angus Burchall, Joe Creighton, Mark Gillespie, Ross Hannaford, Alex Pertout, John Watson
Deborah Conway tour 2002

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