The Black Sorrows

Melbourne 1984-present



Sonola                       1984    9   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32370.2
            AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0042 (re-issue 2002, color cover, extra tracks, liner notes)

LP          AUS   Spirit 1

Rockin' Zydeco               1984    8   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH32371.2
            AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0052 (re-issue 2002, color cover, extra tracks, liner notes)

LP          AUS   Spirit 2

Sonola/Rockin' Zydeco        19??   17

CD          AUS

A Place In The World         1985   12   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Spirit 7 (1 bonus live track)
            AUS   CBS 465807 2 (5 bonus live tracks)
            AUS   Columbia 465807 2 (re-issue, 5 bonus live tracks)
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32373.2
            AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0062 (re-issue 2002, extra tracks, liner notes)

LP          AUS   Spirit 3

MC          AUS   CBS 465807 4

Dear Children                1987   10   Produced by Joe Camilleri and Jeff Burstin

CD          AUS   CBS 450924 2
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH32372.2
            AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0072 (re-issue 2002, 4 extra tracks, liner notes)
            AUT   CBS 465737 2 (Nice Price)

LP          AUS   Camel Records (limited edition of 1000, numbered and signed)
            AUS   CBS 450924 1 (re-issue)

MC          AUS   CBS 450924 4

Hold On To Me                1988   11   Produced by Jeff Burstin and Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   CBS 462891 2 (bonus tracks)
            AUT   CBS 462891 2 (5 bonus tracks)

LP          AUS   CBS 462891 1

Double-LP   AUS   CBS 462891 1 (limited edition)

MC          AUS   CBS 462891 4

Harley and Rose              1990   12   Produced by Joe Camilleri, Jeff Burstin and Peter Luscombe

CD          AUS   CBS 467133 2 (4 bonus tracks)
            AUT   CBS 467133 2 (4 bonus tracks)
            USA   Columbia CK 48995 (1 bonus track) (issued 1992)

LP                (gatefold)

MC          AUS   CBS 467133 4

Better Times                 1992   11   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Columbia 472149.2
            AUT   Columbia COL 472149 2
            CAN   Columbia CK 90952

Double-CD   AUS   Columbia CD1/CD2 472149.9 (bonus The Revelators Amazing Stories)

Stir It Up                   1993

CD-Single   AUS   Columbia

The Chosen Ones              1994   16

CD          AUS   Columbia 474863.2
            AUT   Columbia COL 474863 2

MC          AUS   Columbia 474863.4

Lucky Charm                  1994   16   Produced by Joe Camilleri and Kerryn Tolhurst

CD          AUS   Columbia 478280.2
            AUT   Columbia COL 478280 2

Radio Waves                  1996   36

Triple-CD   AUS   Head/Mushroom TVD93473 (RMD53473)

CDEP                         1996    4

CD-EP       AUS   Epic 486535.2

The Black Sorrows            1996   50

CD-BOX      AUS   Head/Mushroom (first 4 albums + 11-track rarities compilation "Not For Production")

Johnny Gumbo's Nude Lounge   1997   38

Double-CD   AUS   Mushroom
            AUS   Mushroom MUSH33049.2 (re-issue 1999)

Beat Club                    1998   13   Produced by Joe Camilleri, James Black and Kerryn Tolhurst

CD          AUS   Mushroom MUSH33167.2

The Great Black Sorrows      2004   40

3-CD        AUS   Rajon

One Mo' Time                 2004   14   Produced by Joe Camilleri

CD          AUS   Liberation Blue BLUE0702

Roarin Town                  2006

CD          AUS   ABC/Warner

Contribution to album

Triple M Cordless              1993
Used And Recorded By           1995
The Spirit of Christmas 1995   1995


Camilleri Joe (v,sax,g) 1984-present

Aljus Elvis (?) 19??
Anderson Jen (fiddle) 1989-1993
Barker Michael (d,perc) 1991-1993
Black James (org,p) 1994,2004
Bishop Peter (trump) 19?? The Australian Pops, The Flying Fruit Fly Orchestra, The Fabolous Singlettes, Machinations tour, Dynamic Hepnotics, Jabulani, Wildur Wilde's Blowout, Warren Daly's Big Band, Jorn Dorsey's Big Band, That's That, Peter Bishop Band
Bull Linda (bv) 1988-1993
Bull Vika (bv,v) 1988-1993
Burke Robbie (sax) 1991,1998 Johnny Said So, Real Life, Neon Leon and The Little Green Men, Kate Ceberano and Her Septet, Sacred Hearts of Sweet Temptation, The Jextet, Kate Ceberano and Her Sextet, Sexual Chocolate, The Lovers, Lisa Maxwell and The Loving Moment
Burstin Jeff (g,mandolin) 1984-1985,1986-1993,2004
Burt Wayne (g,bv) 1984-1985,1988-1991,1998 Sneakers, Living Legends, Fabulaires, Rock Granite, Daddy Cool, Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, Eternal Struggle, Rock Doctors, Nighthawks, Jane Clifton and The Go Go Boys, Manic Rockers From Hell, The Possum Hunters, Big Kahoonas, The Fandangoes, The Giants, Hey Gringo
Butrumlis George (p acc) 1984-1986 The Purple Dentists, Zydeco Jump, Stagefright
Chaplin Ian (sax) 1998 The Jextet
Charles Johnny (b) 1986-1988 ---
Creighton Joe (bv,b) 1985
Duncan Wayne (b) 1984 Daddy Cool, Hot Dog, Rock Granite, Rocking Emus, Phil Manning Trio, Jane Clifton and The Go Go Boys, Blowout, Manic Rockers From Hell, The Possum Hunters
Ferrone Steve (d) 1994 ---
Fields Venetta (bv) 19?? The Ikettes (USA), The Blackberries (USA), Richard Clapton Band, Venetta's Taxi, Yu-En, Gospel Jubilee Band, John Farnham Band
Floyd Tony (d) 1998,2004
Ford Sally (sax) 1985 Flying Tackle, High Rise Bombers, The Kevins, The Escalators, Washington Wives, Kenny Lopez Sex Mambo
Fraser Stuart (g) 19??
Girasole Mick (b) 1986-1989 Stephen Cummings Band, Venetta's Taxi, Stephen Cummings Lovetown, Relax With Max, Richard Pleasance Band
Grabowsky Paul (k) 19?? Blowout, Little Red Rooster, Wizards of Oz
Hadley Stephen (b) 1991-1993,2004
Hannaford Ross (g) 1985 The Fauves, The Pink Finks, The Party Machine, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Daddy Cool, Mighty Kong, Mark Gillespie Band, Goanna, Relax With Max, Little Red Rooster, Ian Moss Band, Steve Hoy and The Lost Millions, The Drawcards
Harding Al (k) 19?? Deborah Conway and The Mothers of Pearl, Triple Peaks
Haywood Nick (b) 1998 Jazz Stars, Lewis and Young Quartet, Big Nose Plays The Ballad, The York Quartet
Luscombe Peter (d,perc) 1987-1993
Mayo Bob (k) 1994 ---
McTaggart Steve (viol) 1984-1985 Reunion, Spitfire, Melbourne Zoo, Wildlife
Norris Tony (trump) 1991,1998 Man Friday, Sound Of Music, Randy and Jah Roots, Vamos a la Gig, Jazul, Sacred Hearts of Sweet Temptation, Sherine, Strumpet, Chris Bailey Combo, Mistaken Identity, Sexual Chocolate
O'Connor Mick (k) 1986-1987
O'Prey Stephen (b) 199? Joyce Brothers, The Hound Dogs, Daryl Braithwaite Band, Scarecrow, The Badloves, Weddings Parties Anything
Oceans Lucky (pd st) 1990 Asleep at The Wheel (USA), Nansing Quartet, Fat Sam and The Jungle Kings, Dude Ranch, Emma and The Good Rockin' Dudes
Raglus Jeff (trump) 19?? Escalators, Rat Tat Tat, Swinging Sidewalks, Batchelors from Prague
Sega Richard (b) 1989-1991 Man Friday, Jazul, King Cool, From Poland, Big Kahoonas
Smith Nick (g,bv) 1985-1988
Tolhurst Kerryn (g,mandolin,banjo,tiple) 1994
Watson John (d) 199?
Williamson Paul (clarinet,sax) 1984 Jo Jo Zep, Tootieville, Men At Work, Vince Jones Band, James Freud Band, Kenny Lopez Sex Mambo, Jane Clifton and The Blues Lester Trio, Movin' and Groovin' Orchestra, Swinging Sidewalks, Bob Sedergreen's Bluesbusters
York Andy (g) 1994 ---
Young Gary (d) 1984 Daddy Cool, Gary Young's Hot Dog, Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons, Rocking Emus, Rock Doctors, Cold Chisel (temporary), Renee Geyer Band, Phil Manning Trio, Jane Clifton and The Go Go Boys, Little Red Rooster, Relax With Max, The Prestones, Crackajacks, The Cool Healers, Southern Lightning

Sources of information: David O'Shea's Black Sorrows Page, Radio Waves Booklet
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