Peter Blakeley



Peter Blakeley and The Resurrection:
Must Be Chemical         1986    2

Single    AUS   True Tone

Ain't That Peculiar      1986    2

Single    AUS   True Tone

Vicious                  1987

Mini-LP   AUS   True Tone

Peter Blakeley:
Harry's Cafe De Wheels   1990   11   Produced by Peter Asher and Stewart Levine

CD        AUS
          EUR   Capitol 564-7 90412 2

LP        EUR   Capitol 064-7 90412 1

MC        EUR   Capitol 264-7 90412 4

The True Tone Sessions   1991

CD-EP     AUS   True Tone

The Pale Horse           1993   11   Produced by David Z, Andrew Gold, Phil Roy and Bob Thiele Jr

CD        AUS   Giant
          USA   Giant 9 24518-2 (10 tracks)

MC        AUS

Contribution to album

The Crossing (Soundtrack)   1990

Session musician

Rockmelons                            s     Sweat It Out                     1985
James Griffin and the Subterraneans   s     No Surrender                     1986
Pink Slips                            s     Ache                             1986
Paris Green
Soundtrack                            lp    Illusion                         1986
Pink Slips                            s     Miracles                         1987
Absent Friends                        cd    Here's Looking Up Your Address   1990
Wendy Matthews                        cd    Emigré                           1990


Peter Black and The Reds 1980
PM 1982 Malcolm Green, Chris Bailey
Rat Tat Tat 1984 Chris Bailey, Jeff Raglus, Geoff Stapleton
Paris Green
Viola Dana and The Starlight Wranglers
Rockmelons 1984-1987
The Rock Party 1986
Peter Blakeley and The Resurrection 1986-1987
Peter Blakeley Band 1990

Members (Peter Blakeley and The Resurrection)

Blakeley Peter (v) 1986-1987
Abrahams Chris (b,p) 1986-1987
Benjamin Jim (d) 1986-1987 ---
Matthews Wendy (bv) 1986-1987
Punch Mark (g) 1986-1987 Foreday Riders, Mother Earth, Gong, Johnny Rocco Band, Renee Geyer Band, Cool Bananas, Boy Rocking, DC 3, Dave Dobbyn Band

Members (Peter Blakeley Band)

Baillie Junior (d) 1990 ---
Blakeley Peter (v) 1990
Francois Ron (b) 199? The Sinceros (UK), Lene Lovich Band (UK), The Teardrop Explodes (UK), Eurogliders, The Panic Poets, Raging Waters, Slaughterhouse 5, Non Stop, Absent Friends, Wendy Matthews Band, James Reyne
Hibbert Hopeton (b) 1990 ---
Hines Deni (bv) 1990
Hodges Mabon (g) 1990 ---
Mason Roger (k) 1990 James Freud, Orient-R, Gary Numan (UK), Illustrated Man, The Models, Jenny Morris Band, Divinyls, Icehouse, Tommy Emmanuel Band, Shane Howard Band, Diesel Band

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