Blue Ruin

Melbourne 1985-1995



Such Sweet Thunder             1986

CD       AUS

LP       AUS   Rampant/Major

Flame                          1987

CD       AUS

LP       AUS   Rampant/Major RR027

Strange Things In The Corner   1988   10

CD       AUS   rooArt 836 657-2

LP       AUS   rooArt 836 657-1

MC       AUS   rooArt 836 657-4

I'm Gonna Smile                1990

CD       AUS   Mushroom

Shotgun Hips                   199?

CD       AUS

Tattoo Tears                   1993   10   Produced by Ian McLean and Mulaim Vela

CD       AUS   Foghorn/MDS FOG 003

Shared with Olympic Sideburns:
I'm Down                       1987    2

Single   AUS   Music Station


Calvert Phillip (d) 1985-1991 Birthday Party, Boys Next Door, Psychedelic Furs (UK)
Capp Simon (b) 1987-199? Honest Citizens, Blood From a Stone
Coyne Chris (sax) 1986
Hynes Greg (d) 1991-1993 Push Of Love, Temper Temper
Learner Adam (b) 1985-1987,199?-1995 International Exiles, Little Murders, The Kites, Scrap Museum, Dead Flowers, Cactus, The Dirty Strangers, Bad Experience
McLean Ian (v) 1985-1995 Synthetic Dream, Scrap Museum, Dead Flowers
Vela Mulaim (g) 1985-1995 Scrap Museum

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