Blues Hangover

Sydney 1995,1996



Blues Hangover   1995   13

CD   AUS   Dog Meat DOG070CD

Roadrunner       1996    7

CD   AUS   Dog Meat DOG078CD


De Soto Lucy (k,bv) 1995,1996
Farmer Ken (d,bv) 1995,1996 Off The Wall, Jump 'n' Jive, Rhythm Willie, Panton Hill Umbrella, Echo Vampers, King B, 5 Aces, Percolators, Incrediblaires, Ginger Mick, High Flyers, Kerri Simpson and Her Golden Gods of Rhythm, Vitamen, Big Notes, The Sharks, Mooney Valley Drifters, The Mudcats, Paramount Trio, Don and The Housewreckers, Don and The Untouchables, Barley's All Stars, Hoochie Coochie Boys, Mudcats, De Camm Jazz Band, The Hokum Stompers, Yonder Comes The Blues
Hogan David (harm,bv) 1995,1996 Unknown Blues Band (NZ), Southern Lightning, Paramount Trio, Monkey Business, Blue Deluxe
Rough Warren (g) 1995,1996 Blokes With Numbers, The Autodrifters, The Gullyjumpers, The Crackajacks, Pete Best Beatles, The Corpse Grinders, Mooney Valley Drifters, Paramount Trio, Ever Lovin O'Sheas, Moment Of Truth
Stax John (b) 1995,1996 ---
Wells Peter (g,v) 1995,1996

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