Peter Blyton



Various                        lp     Homegrown Vol 2                 1983
Chain                          lp     Child Of The Street             1985
Avion                          lp     White Noise                     1986
Venetians                      lp     Calling In The Lions            1986
In Vogue                       s      Love In Blood                   1986
Lime Spiders                   s      Jessica                         1987
The Radiators                  lp     Nasty Habits In Nice Children   1987
Getaway Plane                  s      Love Without Danger             1987
Der Straza                     s      Angel                           1987
The Promise                    lp     One In Every Colour             1987
Machinations                   12"    (b-side)                        1987
The Radiators                  lp     Gimme... Live                   1988
Lime Spiders                   lp     Volatile                        1988
The Choirboys                  lp     Big Bad Noise                   1988
Masters Apprentices            lp     Do What You Wanna Do            1988
Painters And Dockers           lp     Touch One Touch All             1989
Jimi The Human and Spectre 7   cd     No Turning Back                 1990
21 Guns                        cd     21 Guns                         1990
Agro                           s                                      1992
Candy Harlots                  cdep   Five Wicked Ways                1992
Matt Finish                    cds    One Day At A Time               1992
Alex Smith                     cds    This Time Tomorrow              1992
Toni Pearen                    cds    In Your Room                    1992
The Choirboys                  cd     Yo-Yo                           1996
Australian Crawl               cd     Lost And Found                  1996

Session musician

Dennis Knight      lp   Kaleidoscope?
Oz Art for Ozone   s    ?               1989


Dark Star
Dayride 1976 Tim Gaze, Robbie France-Shaw
The Tim Gaze Rock Ensemble 1976
Tim Gaze Band 1977-
4 Play 1980/1981 Tim Gaze, John Barnes
Big Red 1981-1982 John Barnes, Bruce Coleman, Robbie France-Shaw, Tim Gaze, Annette Henery, Chris Lloyd, Brett Williams

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