Kevin Borich



Celebration                                       1976    8

LP          AUS   Image ILP 757

Lonely One                                        1977   10   Produced by Kevin Borich, Bruce Brown and Russel Dunlop

LP          AUS   Image
            SWE   Hans Edler HE-LP 3001 (issued 1978)

MC          SWE   Hans Edler HE-MK 3000 (issued 1978)

Best Of                                           1977

LP          AUS   Avenue

Kevin Borich Express Live                         1979

LP          AUS   Festival
            AUS   CBS (re-issue 1983)

No Turning Back                                   1979

LP          AUS   Mercury

Angels Hand                                       1980

LP          AUS   Festival

Kevin Borich Express                              1980

LP          AUS   Festival

Rock Legend                                       1981

LP          AUS   Mercury

Shy Boys Shy Girls                                1981   ??   Produced by Lobby Loyde

Mini-LP     AUS   Festival (10")

World's On Fire                                   1987    2

Single      AUS   Powderworks

The Kevin Borich Collection                       1993   18

CD          AUS

MC          AUS

Live At The Big Kahuna                            1996   22

Double-CD   AUS

Kevin Borich - Goin' Down Town                    1996   18

Double-CD   AUS   EMI 7243-8-14821-2-4 ("Celebration" and "Lonely One" double pack)

Heartstarter                                      1998   13

CD          AUS

One Night Jamm                                    1999   11

CD          AUS

Heartstarter                                      2000

CD          AUS

with Dutch Tilders:
Blues Had A Baby And They Called It Rock'n'Roll   1981

LP          AUS   RCA

with Richard Clapton:
Spirit Of Sydney                                  1986

Single      AUS   Oz

Contribution to album

Nightmovin' Live                             1977
The Woodstock Sessions                       2000
Gimme Ted - The Ted Mulry Benefit Concerts   2003

Session musician

Doug Parkinson       lp   No Regrets                 1973
Frankie and Terrie   lp                              1973
Richard Clapton      lp   Prussian Blue              1973
Daryl Braithwaite    s    Cavalry                    1975
Rockwell T. James    lp   Shot of Rhythm and Blues   1977
Renee Geyer          lp   Blues License              1979
Marc Hunter          lp   Big City Talk              1981
Richard Clapton      lp   Solidarity                 1984
Col Joye             cd   Back To Rock'n'Roll        1990
Dragon               cd   Incarnations               1995
Hey Gringo           cd   Three                      2005


The Mergers (NZ) 1964
La De Das 1964-1974 Keith Barber, Harry Brus, Brian Harris, Barry Harvey, Bruce Howard, Phil Key, Bruno Lawrence, Brett Neilson, Ronnie Peel, Peter Roberts, Reno Tehei, Trevor Wilson
Stevie Wright and The Allstar Band 1974-1975
John Paul Young and The All Stars 1975-1976
Kevin Borich Express 1976-1984,199?-present
The Headhunters 1980 Marc Hunter, Mick Cocks, Todd Hunter, John Watson
Party Boys 1983,1984,1986-1989,1992,1998-1999
The Express 1989
Kevin Borich and The Brothers of Oz 1989
Jimmy Barnes Band 1990
Borich-Hunter Band 1991 Marc Hunter, Geoff Bartolomei, Dario Bortalini, Calvin Welch
The Big Daddys 1998-present John Spence, Paul Christie, Richard Harvey

Members (Kevin Borich Express)

Annas John (d) 1976-1979,1996 Atlas, Gypsy c, Shadowfax, Marc Hunter and The Romantics, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Stuart and McKay, The Runners, The Spaniards, Kitto, Phil Para Band
Ayers Tim (b) 1977 Renee Geyer Band, Tinsley Waterhouse Band
Balbi Steve (b) 1982- Rufus Red, Rupert B, Rose Tattoo, Noiseworks, The Electric Hippies, Universe
Borich Kevin (g,v)
Borich Lucius (d) 1990 The System, Taya Francis Band, De Veaux, Ben Butler Band, Juice
Brus Harry (b) 1976,1990,1996 The Amazons, Dave Miller Set, Little Sammy and The In People, Copperwine, Birth, Hunger, Blackfeather, Mother Earth, The Bobby Gebert Trio, Fender Benders, Foreday Riders, Renee Geyer Band, Australian Crawl, Duffhead, The Healers, Phil Jones and The Unknown Blues Band, Russell Morris Band, Jimmy Barnes Band
Calhoun Craig (b) -1986,1988- The Express/Kevin Borich and The Brothers of Oz, Julia Daniels Band
Cannon Adrian (d) 1986 Full Circle, Wildland, Guns
Christie Paul (b) 1978-1979 Feet First, Loose Booty, Mondo Rock, The Party Boys, Good Vibrations (session), The Big Daddys
Cohen Andy (k,sax) 1982 Elevator, Mary Jane Union, Madder Lake, Ayers Rock, Tim Gaze Band, Ian Moss Band, The Shades
Deep Michael (b) 1980- Earthlings, Who Dat Dere, The Best
Duryea Larry (perc) 1977 Heart And Soul, Tamam Shud, Duck, Stevie Wright Band
Grossman Rick (b) 1986-
Harvey Barry (d) 1976 Thursday's Children, The Wild Cherries, Flite, Shango, Harvey, Chain, Traine, King Harvest, Pilgrimage, Levi Smith's Clefs, La De Das, Mighty Mouse
Jacobsen Kerry (d) 1981- Tapestry, Mammal, Quincey Conserve, Dragon, Mondo Rock, Fast Foods, DV 8, Willy Winter Band, Billy Miller and The Great Blokes, The Best
Jackson Bob (b) 1977-1978 Leon Berger Band, The Stimulators, Shotgun
Lees Ian (b) 199?
Matthews Gil (d) 1976 John Konrad's Kaydets, The Silhouettes, The Scorpions, The Impacts, The Clefs, Levis Smith's Clefs, John Rupert Group, Grantley Dee Band, Rain, Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs, Taurus, Chorus, Phil Manning Band, Morgan and Matthews, The Elks, Southern Electric, Mondo Rock, The Rondells, Richard Clapton Band, Cybotron, The Rondells, The Party Boys
Osbourne Lindsay (b) 1979 69ers, Aura, Chris Turner Band
Partridge Tim (b) 1976-1977,1979-1980 Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Mighty Kong, Cool Bananas, Renee Geyer Band, Bebop Bros
Riley Rob (b) 1979/1980 Mother Goose, Lois Lane, Red House, Hurricane, Dallimore, Rose Tattoo, The Beast, The Party Boys, Reckless Intent, Jimmy Barnes Band, Mega Boys, Rob Riley and The Rubettes, The Gems, Stallion, Mother's Little Helpers, The Best, Mama's Darlins, Sons Of Steel, Angry Anderson Band
Russell Dave (b) 1980-1981 Downbeats, Ray and The Drifters, Ray Columbus and The Invaders, Layabouts, Ray Brown 3, Mojo Men, Max Merritt and The Meteors, Roadshow, Sonny Day and The Queen Street Express, Brent Parlane Band, Lonely Boys
Sanfissco Rueben (b) 1976 ---
Shaffer Tim (k) 1978-1979 ---
Sullivan Barry (b) 1976 Thursday's Children, The Wild Cherries, Chain, Flite, Pilgrimage, Carson, Mighty Mouse, Sanctuary, Renee Geyer Band, Mondo Rock, Cosy Connection, John Farnham Band, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Doc Span Blues Band
Watson John (d) 1979-1981
Son of Carve (d) 1988- ---

Members (The Express/Kevin Borich and The Brothers of Oz)

Borich Kevin (g,v) 1989
Calhoun Craig (b) 1989 Kevin Borich Express, Julia Daniels Band
Welch Calvin (d) 1989 Eddie Rus Band, Sonny Stint Band, CWC Experience, The Party Boys, The Healers, Bob Armstrong and The Navigators, Borich-Hunter Band

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