Lee Borkman


Session musician

The Venetians                lp    Amazing World   1988
Johnny Batchelor             mlp   Sin             1989
James Blundell/James Reyne   cds   Way Out West    1992

The Bombers
Penny Flanagan


Pink Slips 1983- Neville Anderson, Mike Caen, Bill Jacobi, Mark Lucas, Peter Moore, Hugh Worrell
Jump Incorporated 198?
Scribble 1985-1986
Johnny Bachelor's Pleasure Planet 1989 Mike Caen, Sandy Chick, Tim Powles
Flotsam Jetsam 198?
The Venetians 1988 Steve Ball, Matthew Hughes, Tim Powles, Rik Swinn, Dave Skeet, Peter Watson
Go 101 198?
Dragon 1989
James Freud Band 1989
Alex Smith and The Volunteers 1989 Dave Carter, Charlie Cole, Ben Little, Garth Porter, Mark O'Shea, Alex Smith
Jenny Morris Band
James Reyne Band
Ana Christensen Band 1991 Steve Bull, Mike Caen, Tim Powles, Mike Woodcock
Divinyls 199?

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