Boys Next Door

Melbourne 1977-1980



These Boots Are Made For Walking   1978    2

Single   AUS   Suicide 103140 (1000-1500 copies, no PS)

Door Door                          1979   10   Produced by Tony Cohen

CD       AUS   Mushroom D19227
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32033.2
         JAP   Alfa
         UK    Mute DOORCD 1 (issued 1993)

LP       AUS   Mushroom L36931

Hee Haw                            1979    5

EP       AUS   Missing Link MLEP-3 (1 pressing 500 copies with insert sheet)
         AUS   Missing Link ING 008 (reissue 1983 under the name "The Birthday Party")

The Birthday Party                 1980   10

LP       AUS   Missing Link LINK-7 (Also released under the name "The Birthday Party")

shared with Models:
Scatterbrain                       1979    2

Single   AUS


Calvert Phillip (d) 1977-1980 Birthday Party, Psychedelic Furs (UK), Blue Ruin
Cave Nick (v,sax) 1977-1980
Harvey Mick (g,d,k) 1977-1980
Howard Rowland S. (g,bv) 1978-1980
Pew Tracey (b) 1977-1980 Birthday Party, The Bad Seeds, The Saints

Sources of information: Nick Cave Collector's Hell, Australian Punk Rock 1976-1983, Version 3.6 - August 1994
© Magnus Holmgren
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