David Briggs



Evolution                      s                           1978
Russell Morris and The Rubes   lp    Almost Frantic        1980
Australian Crawl               lp    The Boys Light Up     1980
The Stockings                  mlp   Red Tango             1981
The Stockings                  lp    Limbo                 1982
The Orphans                    s                           1982
Young Homebuyers               lp    Young Homebuyers      1982
No Fixed Address               mlp   From My Eyes          1982
Astroboys                      s                           1985
Graphs                         s                           1986
Vacation in Harlem             lp    Vacation in Harlem    1989
The Guiltys                    mcd   Guilty As Charged     1990
Drivin' South                  cd    House Rockin' Blues   1991
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds    cd    Henry's Dream         1992

Session musician

Doug Ashdown   lp   Leave Love Enough Alone   1974
MEO 245        lp   Screen Memory             1980
John Farnham   lp   Uncovered                 1980
Daryl Cotton   lp   Best Seat In The House    1980
Ka Ha          lp   Heart Of The Warrior      1986


Jefferson Blues 1969 John Badie, Rick Berger, Larry Groves
Cycle 1969-1973 Bob Anderson, Rick Berger, Geoff Cox, Gary Howard, Keith McKay, Mal Stanton
The Avengers -1970
Ram Band 1974-1975
Little River Band 1976-1981
Blowout 1983
Frank J. Holden and The Hounds of Sound 1985
Frankie and Willie 1985
Marshall? Parker and The Heartbeats 1988
Big, Bad and Beautiful 1990

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