Melbourne 1997-present



BRILL - also consisted of the original vocalist of Melbourne band 'FROST'  - Carly Byrne.
Men At Work - Jerry Speiser original drummer of 'Men At Work' Drummed for Melbourne band 'FROST'.
Southern Sons - Peter Bowman (guitar) produced Melbourne band 'FROST' self-titled debut EP in 1997.
Brill   1997   10   Produced by Brian Canham

CD   AUS   BB Records BB467
     AUS   Blah Blah Blah BBB085 (re-issue 1998, 2 extra tracks; "Ebony Eyes" and "Mary Ann")


Canham Brian (v,g,k) 1997-present
Danielson Darren (d,perc) 1997-present Roxus, Flares, Chocolate Starfish, Pseudo Echo

Byrne Carly (bv) 1997 Frost
Carey Ben (g) 1997 Savage Garden tour
Cook Wil (g) 1997-1998
McIvor Andy (b) 1997-present
Romich Zoran (g) 1998-present Chocolate Starfish
Stuart Dave (k) 1997-present 21/20

Sources of information: Karen McAlister, Porzia Velardi
© Magnus Holmgren
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