Amanda Brown



Incognita   2003   14

CD   AUS   AGB 103

Session musician

John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong   s     Big Country               1986
John Kennedy                     lp    From Woe To Go            1986
Chad's Tree                      lp    Buckle In The Rail        1987
The Servants                     ep    The Sun, A Small Star     198?
The Reels                        lp    Neighbors                 1988
Chosen Few                       s                               1989
Mary Jo Starr                    cd    Too Many Movies           1990
The Tactics                      cd    The Great Gusto           1990
Wendy Matthews                   cd    Emigré                    1990
Bughouse                         cd    Every Fool In Town        1991
Shane Howard                     cds   Escape From Reality       1991
G.W. McLennan                    cd    Watershed                 1991
Died Pretty                      cd    Doughboy Hollow           1991
The Barbarellas                  mcd   Quit Slylarking           1991
Wendy Matthews                   cd    Lily                      1992
Wayne Gillespie                  cd    Living In Exile           1993
Max Sharam                       cd    ...A Million Year Girl    1995
Mental As Anything               cd    Liar Liar Pants On Fire   1995
Love Me                          cd    Love Me                   1996
Dog Trumpet                      cd    Suitcase                  1996
Karma County                     cd    Olana                     1998
The Cruel Sea                    cd    Over Easy                 1998
Mental As Anything               cd    Garage                    1998
Dog Trumpet                      cd    Dog Trumpet               2002
David Bridie                     cd    Hotel Radio               2003
Dave Mason                       cd    Reelsville                2007


Climbing Frame 1983- Peter Brookes, David Hawkes, Neil Hawkes, Michael Sherman, Barry Wolifson, John Wright
Tender Mercies 198? John Willsteed, Michael O'Connell
Blood Brothers 198? Michael O'Connell
The Go-Betweens 1986-1989
Kings Of The World 1988 Jen Anderson, Joe Collings, Louise Elliot, Brett Ford, Janine Hall, Penny Ikinger, Glad Reed, David Sandford, Kerry Stanton, Mary-Ellen Stringer, Kathy Wemyss, Violinda
The Lost Weekend 1990 Janine Hall, Liberty, Lindii Loco, Dar Lavish, Pedro
Mary Jo Starr's Drive In Motel 1990
Shane Howard Band 1991
Wendy Matthews Band 1991
Cleopatra Wong 1991-1992
Love Me 1997-1998

Sources of information: David Nichols: The Go-Betweens, Miles Li
© Magnus Holmgren
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