Rex Bullen


Session musician

Skylight             lp   Skyhigh                       1974
Stylus               lp   Where In The World            1975
Marcia Hines         lp   Ladies And Gentlemen          1977
Leon Berger          lp   Leon Berger                   1977
Ray Burton           lp   Dreamers and Nightflyers      1978
Daryl Braithwaite    s                                  1978
Jeff St John         lp   So Far So Good                1978
Judy Stone           lp   What Are You Doing Tonight?   1978
Daryl Braithwaite    lp   Out On The Fringe             1979
Mondo Rock           lp   Primal Park                   1979
Mark Gillespie       lp   Only Human                    1980
Leon Berger          lp   Living in a Mirror            1980
Marc Hunter          lp   Big City Talk                 1981
Kevin Borich         ep   Shy Boys Shy Girls            1981
Joe Dolce            lp   Shaddap You Face              1981
Mental As Anything   lp   Cats And Dogs                 1981
Marc Hunter          lp   Communication                 1986


Natural Gas 1972-1973 Rob Bailey, Wendy Bailey, Lyn Bullen, Paul Johnson, John Lemin
Fatty Lumpkin -1973 Roy Daniel, Bob Fortesque, Mick Glendinning, David Little, Al Kash, John Meyer, Phil Pruiti, Jon Rider, Warren Ward, Tom Watts, Lindsay Wells, John Worrall
Bakery 1973 Mal Logan, Peter Walker, John Worrall, Mark Verschuer, Tom Davidson
Blackfeather 197?
Jim Keays' Southern Cross 1975
Silver Sun 1976 Mike Clark, Trevor Courtney, John Pugh
Ray Burton Band 1976 Ray Burton, Steve Hogg, Terry Gascoine, Tim Piper
Leon Berger Band 1977-1978 Leon Berger, Rex Goh, Steve Hopes, Bob Jackson
Nightflyers 1978 Ian Davidson, Gus Fenwick, Steve Hopes, John Pugh, Dennis Wilson
Renee Geyer Band 1982
Jon English and The Foster Brothers

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