Angus Burchall


Session musician

Various                      cd   The Spirit of Christmas 1993     1993
Merril Bainbridge            cd   The Garden                       1995
Various                      cd   The Spirit of Christmas 1996     1996
Chris Wilson                 cd   The Long Weekend                 1998
Farnham/Newton-John/Warlow   cd   Highlights From The Main Event   1998
Various                      cd   The Spirit of Christmas 1999     1999
Michael Spiby                cd   Ho's Kitchen                     2000

Tina Arena
Ray Charles
Boz Scaggs
Kylie Minogue
Tommy Emmanuel
Daryl Braithwaite

Romper Stomper
Gross Misconduct
Metal Skin
Angel Baby


Dolphin Street
John Farnham Band 1986-
Mark Gillespie Band 1989 Lisa Bade, Joe Creighton, Mark Gillespie, Ross Hannaford
King Tut 1989-1990 Joe Creighton, Mark Dennison, Brett Garsed, The Brasstards
Big Bump
The Well 1990 Jeremy Alsop, Joe Creighton, Mary Doumany, Lindsay Field, Alex Pertout
Mark Gillespie Band 1991 James Black, Joe Creighton, Mark Gillespie, Ross Hannaford, Alex Pertout, John Watson
Jimmy Barnes Band 1993
Mighty Oz Rock 2004 Mick Pealing, Gary Young, Lisa Mio, Roger McLachlan, Harvey James, Stewart Wilkinson

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