Buster Brown

Melbourne 1973-1975



Something To Say   1974   7   Produced by Lobby Loyde

CD   AUS   Aztec Music AVSCD003 (remastered, issued 2005, 6 extra tracks)

LP   AUS   Mushroom L35355


Anderson Angry (v) 1973-1975
Firth Ken (b) 1975
Grant Paul (g) 1973-1974 Hollywood, Hush, Keith Lamb and The New Hush, Instant Replay, Heaters, Max Merrit and The Meteors
Leech Geordie (b) 1973-1975 Wild Beaver Band, Rose Tattoo, Illustrated Men, Chris Turner Band, Dirt, Southern Lightning, Phil Para Band, The Giants
Lunt Tony (d) 1974 Carson, Alta Mira, Chain, Great Blokes
Millar Dennis (g) 1975 ---
Miller Billy (g) 1975
Moon John (g) 1973-1974 Desert Rat, Da Boys, Jim Keays Band, Keays, W.H.Y., Incredible Penguins, Men Without Shame
Royal Dallas (d) 1975 Reeb Revol, Salty Dog, McAskill, Levi Smith's Clefs, Band Of Talabene, Rose Tattoo, Illustrated Men, Chris Turner Band. died 1991
Rudd Phil (d) 1973-1974 AC/DC
Ryan Ian (b) 1973 The Ash, Chook, Da Boys
Springfield Dave (g) 1975 The Ferrets, Motivators, Lead Western, The Spaniards
Wilson Chris (k) 1973-1975 Jeff Duff, Myriad, The Ride Band, Silver Studs, Broderick Smith's Big Combo, Mick Pealing and The Ideals, Superscope, Broderick Smith Band, Phil Manning Band, A Couple Of Swells, Hi Tones, Where's Broderick?, The Beat Boys, Flat Tops, Priscilla's Nightmare, Russell Morris and The Word, Lewis and Young and Friends, The Giants
Young Trevor (d) 1975 Blackfeather, The Coloured Balls, Fingerprint, Full Boar, Hoochie Coochie Boys, Dirt, Clawed Rains, The Green Lights

Sources of information: AC/DC Electric Shock, The AC/DC FAQ V2.27
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