The Butcher Shop

Sydney 1988-1990



Hard For You   1988    3

EP   AUS   Black Eye BLACKEP1 (red vinyl)

Pump Action    1990   11

CD   GER   Black Eye/Normal BLACKCD10 (1 extra track, "Deep Throat")

LP   AUS   Black Eye BLACKLP10 (first 200 with "Hard For You" EP)


Clifford Phillip (b) 1988-1990 Smack of Jelly Fish, Box the Jesuit, Mad Room
Jones Spencer (g,v) 1988-1990
Hartley Pete (d) 1990 Rockafellas, Butterflies, Lavender Disaster, X Offenders, Kryptonics, Auto Loco, Las Empaladoras, Lubricated Goat, Leisuremakers, Peter,Paul and Mary, Monroe's Fur
McLeod Lachlan (g) 1990 The Poofters, Chicken Holder, Snot Collection, Death in Vegas, Salamander Jim, Legendary Stardust Cowboys, Bush Oysters, Hot Property, Thug, Leather Moustache, Bureau of Intelligence, Lubricated Goat
Perkins Tex (v) 1988-1990
Pommer Jnr Billy (d) 1988-1990 The Cry, The Johnnys
Powers Kid Congo (g) 1988-1990 The Gun Club, The Cramps, The Bad Seeds, Congo Norvell

Sources of information: Tex Perkins' Other Bands / Solo Discography
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