John Butler



John Butler:
Searching for Heritage   1996    9

MC          AUS

John Butler              1998    9

CD          AUS
            AUS   (re-issue 2000)

John Butler Trio:
JBT                      2000    4   Produced By The John Butler Trio and Shaun O'Callaghan

CD-EP       AUS

Three                    2001    8   Produced by The John Butler Trio and Shaun O'Callaghan

CD          AUS

Living 2001-2002         2003

Double-CD   AUS

Sunrise Over Sea         2004

CD          AUS

Contribution to album

Triple J - Studio 22            2002
Live At CERES                   2002
New Music Live From The Panel   2004


John Butler Trio 1998-present

Members (John Butler Trio)

Butler John (v,g) 1998-present
Fry Andrew (b) 2001-present
McGann Jason (d,perc) 1998-present Homer, Scratch n Sniff, Goatium, Proton, Pussy Galore
Shoesmith Gavin (b) 1998-2001

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