Rose Bygrave



Maybe Midnight   1986    2

Single   AUS

White Bird       1999   12   Produced by Rose Bygrave

CD       AUS   Black Market

Walking Home     2001   12

CD       AUS   Black Market

Contribution to album

Australian Woman in Song
Songlines Compliation


Brolga Boys   lp   Listen To The Wind

Session musician

Wayne Gillespie    lp   New Locations                  1986
Colin Buchannan    lp   Measure Of A Man
Joe Geia           lp   Yil Lull                       1988
Shane Howard       lp   Back To The Track              1989
Shane Howard       cd   River                          1991
Yothu Yindi        cd   Tribal Voice                   1991
Steve Grace        cd   Liberty Road                   1992
Dave Isam          lp   Down To The Sea
Debra Byrne        ep   Debra Byrne
Ted Egan           lp   Ted Egan
Barry Skipsey      lp   Barry Skipsey
Brolga Boys        lp   Listen To The Wind
Bruce Woodley      s    I Am Australian
Enda Kenny         lp   Six Of One
Shane Howard       cd   Time Will Tell                 1993
Shane Howard       cd   Live                           1994
Shane Howard       cd   Clan                           1996
Black Fire         cd   Night Vision
Kavisha Mazzella   cd   Fisherman's Daughter           1998
Cyndi Boste        cd   Home Truths                    1999
In Deep            cd   Footsteps                      1999
Marcia Howard      cd   Butterfly                      2000
Dave Steel         cd   The Edge Of The World          2000
Christine Ward     cd   Nirnoma Munera
Soundtrack         lp   What The Moon Saw
Soundtrack         lp   Pirates
Soundtrack         lp   Mull
Dave Steel         cd   Home Is A Hard Thing To Find   2001


Salty Dogs 1979
Goanna 1980-1985,1998
James Taylor Band 1981 tour
White Light Orchestra 1986
Wendy Saddington Band 1987 Angelica Booth, Mike Leber, Des McKenna, Wendy Saddington
Shane Howard and The Big Heart Band

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