Brian Cadd



Brian Cadd                1972    9   Produced by Brian Cadd and John Sayers

LP       AUS   Bootleg BLA-023 (gatefold)

MC       AUS   Bootleg BLC-9023

Parabrahm                 1973   10   Produced by Brian Cadd

LP       AUS   Bootleg BLA-034
         USA   Chelsea

MC       AUS   Bootleg BLC-9034

Moonshine                 1974   11   Produced by Brian Cadd

LP       AUS   Bootleg BLA-044 (gatefold)
         USA   Chelsea

MC       AUS   Bootleg BLC-9044

The Magic of Brian Cadd   1975   15

LP       AUS   Bootleg BLA-047 (gatefold)

White On White            1976

LP       AUS   Festival/Interfusion
         USA   Interfusion

Yesterday Dreams          1978

LP       AUS   Festival/Interfusion
         USA   Interfusion

The Best Of               1979

LP       AUS   Summit

Keep On Rockin'           1980

LP       AUS   J&B

My Baby (Loves To Hurt)   1982

Single   AUS   Mushroom

No Stone Unturned         1985

LP       AUS   Graffiti

Sweet Rock & Roll         1996

CD       AUS   Fable/EMI

Quietly Rusting           2005

CD       AUS

with Don Mudie:
Show Me The Way           1972

Single   AUS   Fable

with Glenn Shorrock:
Blazing Salads            1993   11   Produced by Brian Cadd and Glenn Shorrock

CD       SWI   Blue Martin BLM 330096-2

Contribution to album

Morning Of The Earth                 1972

with Glenn Shorrock:
The Spirit of Christmas 1993         1993
The Latest Collection, The Panel 3   2002


Robin Jolley      s                                             1972
Ronnie Burns      s
Broderick Smith   s     Going On Down To The End Of The World   1972
Stephen Foster    lp    Coming Home In A Jar                    1972
Frieze            lp    1972 B.C.                               1972
Robin Jolley      lp    Robin Jolley                            1972
Hans Poulsen      lp    Lost And Found                          1973
New Dream         lp    New Dream                               1973
Broderick Smith   s     Yesterday It Rained                     1973
Dutch Tilders     lp    Dutch Tilders                           1973
Kerrie Biddell    lp    Kerrie Biddell                          1973
Bluestone         lp    Bluestone                               1974
Tina Arena        s     Turn Up The Beat                        1985
Daryl Somers      12"                                           1987
Glenn Shorrock    cd    Spin Me 'Round                          2000

Session musician

Russell Morris   lp   Bloodstone             1971
Mississippi      lp   Mississippi            1972
F. Henry         lp   G.M.H.                 1972
T. Blacknell     lp                          1974
Farmer John      lp   Rabbits Run            1975
Kim Carnes       lp   S.V.C.                 1979
Glenn Shorrock   lp   Villain Of The Peace   1982
BJ McKay         lp   A.C.A.R.N.R.           1986
Angry Anderson   cd   Blood From Stone       1990
Glenn Shorrock   cd   Spin Me 'Round         2000


The Castaways 1965
The Beale Street Jazz Band
The Jackson Kings 1965-1966 Carl Bennett, Chas Brown, Ray Neville, Bill Turgeon, Ronnie Charles
The Groop 1966-1969
Axiom 1969-1971
The Bootleg Family Band 1972-1975 Geoff Cox, Penny Dyer, Gus Fenwick, Brian Fitzgerald, Clive Harrison, Angela Jones, Louise Lincoln, Tony Naylor
Brian Cadd and Max Merritt Band 1989,1991 John Dallimore, Joe Imbrol, Max Merritt, Craig Reeves, Des Scott, Dave Stewart
The Blazing Salads 1993 Glenn Shorrock, Rex Goh, Kirk Lorange, Mark Kennedy

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