Mike Caen



Marty Cobcroft   cd   Patch Work   1997

Session musician

Marty Cobcroft   cd   Patch Work        1997
Various          cd   Good Vibrations   1998

Jenny Morris
Margaret Urlich
Rick Price
Daryl Braithwaite
Tina Arena


Street Talk
Pink Slips 198? Neville Anderson, Lee Borkman, Bill Jacobi, Mark Lucas, Peter Moore, Hugh Worrell
Avant Garage (NZ)
Scribble 1985-1986
Johnny Batchelor's Pleasure Band 1989 Lee Borkman, Sandy Chick, Tim Powles
Dragon 1989,1995
James Reyne Band
Ana Christensen Band 1991 Lee Borkman, Steve Bull, Tim Powles, Mike Woodcock
The Living Daylights
Rick Price Band 1992
Mental As Anything 2002-present

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